UN warns 400,000 affected by famine in Tigray, 1.8

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UN warns 400out of almost 5 million vaccine recipients.,000 affected by famine in TigrayThe East Coast, offering their help if they can get expedited Ontario licences., 1.8 million on brink - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

More than 400,000 people in the Ethiopian region of Tigray are experiencing famineThe City of Toronto opened three more vaccination clinics Monday., with another 1face shields.8 million on the brink, the United Nations warned Friday.

Ramesh Rajasingham, acting humanitarian aid chief of the UN, warned the Security Council that the situation in the region has “worsened dramatically” in the last two weeks and the lives of many will depend on whether or not humanitarian aid can be provided immediately.

“We need to reach them now. Not next week. Now,” stressed Rajasingham, who demanded humanitarian organizations be given safe and unimpeded access to the area, following the recent attacks and obstacles put in place by the parties to the conflict.

In recent daysThe impromptu changes coming almost daily as organizers an, the UN has denounced major problems reaching people in need of assistance in Tigray, despite the fact that on Monday the Ethiopian government announced a unilateral ceasefire that ended an eight-month military offensive.

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