Application analysis of PLC in tunnel monitoring s

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PLC application analysis of highway tunnel monitoring system

1 introduction

with the continuous development of traffic roads, the number of tunnels, as an important part of them, is also continuously increasing compared with traditional equipment. Due to the complex geographical conditions and the characteristics of tunnels in China, tunnel monitoring system plays an extremely important role in the operation and management of tunnels and accident handling. Therefore, the construction of a reliable, stable, advanced, reasonable and expandable tunnel monitoring system with radial load distribution through bearings has become a common concern of the engineering community and highway operation and management departments. The development of microelectronics, communication and computer technology has greatly improved the informatization and intelligence of highway transportation. PLC Combined with 3C technology has become the core of tunnel monitoring system with its excellent reliability, anti-interference and flexible control mode. Controlled hydraulic universal testing machine is widely used in metallurgical casting industry, steel production enterprises, building quality inspection stations and other devices. Together with the open network communication system, Jointly promote the development of intelligent degree of tunnel monitoring system

2 the system composition of the national fatal experimental machine manufacturer of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd.

tunnel pairs are classified as short tunnels according to their length (L

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