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China developed the world's largest flat head tower crane to achieve delivery

China developed the world's largest flat head tower crane to achieve delivery

China Construction machinery information

on the 26th, the world's largest flat head tower crane TV independently developed by Zoomlion and certified by the Guinness World Records was officially delivered to the user in Changde, Hunan Province. The launch of this tower crane marks that China's tower crane technology ranks at the forefront of the world's tower crane design and manufacturing field

flat head tower crane is a "new favorite" developed by internationally renowned tower crane manufacturers in recent five years. It has the advantages that cannot be replaced by other types of tower cranes, such as greatly reducing the requirements of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on the lifting capacity of the lifting equipment required to enter the experimental procedure for the low disassembly and assembly tower crane, which is suitable for the cross operation of group towers, and is convenient for the disassembly and assembly of tower cranes under the limited conditions of the construction site

tv has the advantages of a maximum lifting capacity of 160 tons, a maximum lifting torque of 31200 kn meters, a maximum working radius of 85 meters, a small area of body section and foundation, accurate positioning, convenient installation and disassembly, etc. it has the characteristics of wide operation area, high operation efficiency, safety and reliability, and is widely applicable to thermal power construction, as well as large venues, large bridges, large metallurgical plants, super high-rise projects, etc. At present, the tower crane is equipped with five standard variable arm lengths, which can be combined according to different construction needs for convenient application

Huang Qun, general manager of Zoomlion crane company, introduced that this tower crane with a full set of independent intellectual property rights has three core key technologies: Tower Crane ultra thick plate welding technology, which can realize zero speed non braking hovering technology of heavy load hovering for 5 minutes under severe conditions, and early warning winding rope arrangement technology to prevent wire rope disorder. In addition, the lifting mechanism of the tower crane has the function of low-speed positioning, and the minimum stable lowering speed is as low as 0.8m/min. The rotary mechanism adopts the coupling control technology of driving and braking force torque, which has fast response, stable braking, large starting output torque and strong wind resistance

compared with the boom tower crane, the TV lifting efficiency is about 2.5 times, the slewing efficiency is more than 1.5 times, the use efficiency is more than 30%, and the installation and disassembly efficiency is more than 50%

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