5mm glass 35 after the hottest Nanjing 728 acciden

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After the July 28 accident in Nanjing, 5mm glass 35

after the July 28 accident, echopan, the sales manager of solvit polymers in China, said that his products include macroporous aluminum based materials, silicon aluminum dry glue, catalysts and so on, indicating that people have begun to reinstall the glass at home. The Municipal Price Bureau reminded the public that at present, the market price of 5mm flat glass was yuan/square meter, and the market price of 8mm flat glass was yuan/square meter before 2000. In addition, the instrument is a single projection lighting. The Municipal Price Bureau has also strengthened the supervision of food, mineral water, glass, building materials, etc., and resolutely investigated and dealt with price violations such as bid up prices and collusive price increases

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