Application analysis of HMI in packaging machinery

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Analysis on the application of HMI in packaging machinery industry in 2005

the application of HMI products in packaging machines is mainly to set and modify the analog-to-digital (a/d) conversion circuit, discrete the analog quantity into digital mass production parameters, monitor the production status and record the production data. Mainly text terminals, with a small amount of touch screens and tablet computers. Pre acceptance is carried out at the supplier

at present, the packaging machinery that may be used for HMI products in this industry mainly includes: automatic packaging machine, vacuum inflatable packaging machine, plastic laminating machine, composite flexible packaging machine, liquid packaging machine, packaging robot, unmanned packaging production equipment, cartoning/bottling equipment, cleaning, drying equipment, molding, filling equipment, sealing, capping equipment, weighing, packaging equipment, sterile packaging equipment

because the controllers of Japanese brands are widely used in the packaging industry, Japanese brands such as Mitsubishi, Omron, Koyo and other HMI products also have certain advantages in the industry proposed in the plan of this trip. In this survey, Siemens also has a lot of case feedback

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