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Look at Apple's car making ambition new energy vehicle blue book

on August 3, 2017 new energy vehicle blue book was officially released. It is estimated that in 2017, the sales volume of domestic new energy vehicles will be 750000 and that of imported new energy vehicles will be 20000, with a comprehensive expected to reach 770000. The first composite bridge for public transportation in the United States was built in Kansas in November 1996

among them, the blue book believes that the current focus of investment approval is the enterprise's R & D experience, R & D capacity, financial strength and sustainable development ability. It is expected that the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of industry and information technology will raise the investment threshold for new pure electric vehicles in the next step, and it is expected to continue to raise requirements in enterprise R & D and other aspects. At the same time, local governments will also strengthen the standardization of industrial development. It is expected that it will be more difficult for new applicants to be approved, but enterprises with technology and sustainable development capabilities will continue to enter

in addition, the blue book points out that many new energy vehicle enterprises have emerged under the tide of new energy, and the more famous ones basically have the background of large enterprises and Internet companies. As the development of new energy vehicles is uncertain, there is no need to limit the number of enterprises. However, 2017 is still the entry period for these enterprises outside the industry, and the products have not yet appeared, and the incremental effect will not be reflected

2. NEC Japan will withdraw from its lithium-ion battery business

on August 3, Japanese media reported that NEC Japan will withdraw from its lithium-ion battery business

it is reported that the sale of the subsidiary producing electrodes to China's investment fund GSR group has entered the final stage of negotiation. In the field of on-board lithium batteries for pure electric vehicles (EV), battery manufacturers in China, Japan and South Korea have made huge investments to constantly promote the survival of the fittest

it is understood that this subsidiary (NEC energy device) mainly produces electrodes for the on-board battery of Nissan's pure electric vehicle "leaf", with an estimated annual sales of about 15 billion yen. NEC asked GSR to acquire the enterprise at a price of about 15billion yen

NEC also basically agreed to sell its shares in automotive energy supply (AESC), a battery subsidiary that Nissan had previously negotiated with GSR. The contribution ratio of AESC is 51% for Nissan and 49% for NEC and NEC energy device. AESC purchases electrodes from NEC energy device to produce batteries, with an annual sales volume of about 30billion yen, and its sales volume is considered to be about 100billion yen

3. Apple's ambition is not limited to autonomous vehicle

according to foreign media reports, earlier this year, Apple CEO Tim Cook called the self driving technology "incredibly exciting", and said that Apple had made major investments in the field of "automated system". In Apple's financial report on August 1 local time, cook added more mystery to Apple's investment in automation systems

foreign media said that although cook had previously praised the autonomous driving technology, Cook said on August 1 that the automation system has a deeper role than the autonomous driving technology, which may also indicate that apple is concerned about a wide range of fields. "Automated systems can be used in many ways. Vehicles are one kind, but there are many different ways. I'm not in a position to disclose other information," Cook said

of course, there are many ways Apple uses automation systems. For example, it can be used in supply chain and manufacturing, as well as unmanned aerial vehicles and other consumer oriented products

4. Europe turns to "all electric"

Europe rejects diesel cars and welcomes electric cars. Therefore, driven by this, the sales of electric vehicles have increased, and car companies have successively announced their plans for electric vehicles, and even turned to "all electric"

it is understood that based on the future price reduction space of lithium batteries and the cost analysis of fuel vehicles and electric vehicles, it is expected that electric vehicles will become the main force of global car sales in 2040, accounting for 33%. From 2025 to 2030, the cost of owning electric vehicles will be lower than that of fuel vehicles, which will attract a large number of consumers to purchase electric vehicles

in the future, the global sales of electric vehicles will achieve steady growth, from 700000 in 2016 to 3million in 2021. Among them, electric vehicles will account for about 5% of light vehicle sales in Europe, and about 4% in China and the United States

among the major car companies born in Europe, Volkswagen Group tripled its investment in electric drive systems, about 9billion euros, to develop electric vehicles and new hybrid vehicles. In the past five years, Volkswagen has invested 3billion euros in developing zero emission technologies. In 2025, the sales volume of electric vehicles will contribute 20% to 30% of the total sales volume. Its core brand, Volkswagen brand, will invest 1billion euros annually in the next few years to develop I.D. series electric vehicles, and will sell 1million electric vehicles by 2025

5. Official bankruptcy liquidation of youth lotus

July 31 1 Polyurethane adhesive for food packaging: it can withstand 120 ~ 135 ℃ high temperature cooking or solvent-free. Dongjie intelligent announced that as one of the creditors, it had received the notice of the people's Court of Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou (hereinafter referred to as "Xiaoshan court") that it would accept the bankruptcy liquidation case of Zhejiang youth lotus and would apply for a creditor's right of about 9.6499 million yuan to Zhejiang Tiance law firm, the administrator, before August 11

it is understood that a person in charge of the youth Lianju base introduced that Dongjie intelligence is not the only creditor of Hua. According to the announcement, the Xiaoshan court ruled to accept the bankruptcy liquidation case of Zhejiang Youth lotus on June 9, 2017, based on the application of the creditor Hangzhou Jiangdong Industrial Park Investment and Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Jiangdong company")

as for Jiangdong company mentioned in the announcement, the media found after consulting the ruling of the court last year that the state-owned assets company entrusted the Bank of China to issue a total of 760 million yuan of loans to Lotus motor from April 2008 to February 2012. Lotus motor did not pay interest as promised and began to owe interest from December 21, 2013. Therefore, Jiangdong company filed an application to realize the security interest

6. Beixian new Elantra EV is included in the new batch of pure electric passenger cars, with less oil and bubble records

recently, the Beijing Municipal Commission of economy and information technology released the record information of the third batch of Beijing demonstration and application pure electric passenger cars in 2017 and the record information of production enterprises. The 11 listed models are consistent with the information previously released by Beijing New Energy Automobile Industry Association, and Beijing Hyundai new Elantra EV is listed. Beijing Hyundai new Elantra EV, as the first model of Beijing Hyundai in the field of pure electric vehicles, bears the important task of opening up territory for the whole brand. It is also the first joint-venture brand pure electric vehicle in the Chinese automobile market, and it is also the second new energy model launched under the strategy of Beijing Hyundai new energy plan. As a household pure electric vehicle, Beijing Hyundai new Elantra EV basically follows the design of the old Elantra Yuedong, on which some details are designed. The overall body structure has been fully tested by the market. Based on the sales of 1.3 million Elantra cars, the reputation of the design of the appearance and body structure has witnessed its maturity and reliability

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