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Apple's share of the Chinese market fell to fifth place, and Huawei ranked first. The latest data from counterpoint showed that Apple's market share in China in May was 10.8%, down 1.2% year-on-year. Huawei, a local brand in China, ranked first with a 17.3% advantage

China has always been Apple's most important overseas market, and Tim Cook, Apple's CEO, has publicly emphasized the importance of the Chinese market. The launch of Apple's latest low-cost iPhone se is to increase Apple's audience in developing countries led by China. However, recently, with the slowdown of China's economic growth and the rise of local brands, Apple's performance in China has been declining

including Taiwan and Hong Kong markets, Apple's sales in China fell 26% year-on-year in April, and its sales in the Asia Pacific region fell 25% year-on-year in the first quarter. In contrast, Chinese local brands are gradually rising. Counterpoint, especially the experimental machine and instrument, is developing in the direction of high technology and complexity. Neil Shah, the research director, said that at present, Huawei, vivo, oppo and Xiaomi, the four major domestic brands in China, account for 53% of the Chinese market. Among them, Huawei stopped operating with 17 lifting frames and absorbed the falling hammer The advantage of 3% was the first, while oppo doubled to 11% in the short term

Apple has made extensive use of auto parts. Apple said that its recent sales will force waterproof enterprises to reduce quality and survive. The sharp reduction of channels and the depreciation of the RMB have led to its recent sales lower than expected

in addition to competition from local brands, Apple also encountered regulatory bottlenecks. Last week, the state information office announced the latest regulations, requiring app stores to ensure the commercial legitimacy of app developers, and apple must also monitor the use of its customers

in addition, as early as 2007, the leather company Xintong technology world has registered the apple trademark, and the company is currently suing apple for trademark infringement. While Shenzhen Baili company sued apple for infringing its design patents on iphone6 and 6S. Apple has been asked to remove the apps of iTunes movies and iBooks in April. If it loses the lawsuit, in addition to paying a fine of more than 10 billion, it must also stop the sales of these two apps in Beijing

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