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Application advantages of hot fitting collets in mold processing

application advantages of hot fitting collets in mold processing: for mold processing, hot fitting collets have 10 advantages:

(1) high precision that is difficult to surpass

correctly manufactured hot fitting collets should be able to guarantee 3 at three times the tool diameter μ M. The accuracy is also highly repeatable when operated by different personnel

(2) slim shape with good applicability

the hot loaded chuck adopts the inclined wall shape with a cone angle of 3 °, and the shape is very slim and compact. In order to prevent interference and collision between the collet and the workpiece, if necessary, the collet can also be modified to a straight wall shape

(3) great clamping torque

take out the sample immediately after the experiment. The hot fitting chuck clamps the tool 360 ° around the periphery of the tool bar, so its clamping torque is great, which can prevent the tool from displacement during rough machining or finish machining, thus greatly reducing the scrap rate of the workpiece

(4) the extension rod can be selected

in addition to the important purpose of marking is to increase the wear of equipment, the user can also choose the hot installed extension rod of different specifications for the lifting mechanism. When machining the deep cavity, the hot fitting extension rod can be installed into the standard hot fitting collet, so as to obtain the collet extension length with minimal radial jump error

(5) balance repeatability and adjustable balancing parts

since the hot installed collet has no moving parts, it can provide the best balance repeatability than any tool collet system on the market. In many cases, if the processing workshop buys a well-balanced hot chuck equipped with appropriate accessories (such as pull nails), and uses high-quality tools that have no inherent imbalance factors (such as planes), they usually do not need to make additional fine balancing adjustments, and can obtain excellent balancing performance in high-speed cutting. Of course, after the collet system is assembled (collet + cutter + BROACH PIN or coolant pipe), if additional balancing operation is required for the collet system on the balancing machine, many hot installed collets on the market are equipped with easy-to-use adjustable balancing pieces that have been built into the collet

(6) shorten the tool change time/reduce the inventory of collet accessories

if an efficient induction heating tool loader is used in the tool change process, the tool change time of the hot collet is the shortest among all kinds of tool collets, and it only takes 5~10 seconds to complete the tool change. More importantly, it can always maintain the consistency of the tool change time. This allows more cutting time to be obtained by using the hot chuck assembled by the tool loader, without idling the machine tool and waiting for tool change. In addition, the workshop hardly needs to stock spare collet accessories (such as clamping jaws, pressure caps, sealing discs, etc.), which can simplify the process

(7) the collet has high cleanliness. It is easy to process, bond and has a larger net surface area

from the design principle, the hot installed collet is a typical sealing system. Therefore, the possibility of impurities (such as graphite dust, chips, etc.) generated during processing entering the chuck hole is very small. If impurities enter the chuck hole, it will often affect its radial jump accuracy

(8) suitable for internal cooling mode

hot loaded collets usually use innovative ways to deliver coolant or cold air/oil mist to the cutting edge of the tool, which is conducive to the removal of chips and better machining surface finish. In addition, if the mold processing workshop needs to carry out high-precision drilling, because the hot chuck does not need accessories or special clamping jaws, it is an ideal chuck for clamping the internally cooled drill bit. The sealing design of the chuck can completely make the coolant flow smoothly inside the tool

(9) consistency of tool loading

there is excellent consistency between the tool loading operations of the hot chuck, which is particularly beneficial to the mold processing workshop with high-speed operation. For example, the tool loading operation carried out by different operators on the hot chuck has the same state and will not be affected by various variables (such as the clamping jaw pressure cap is too tight or loose, the chuck is not fully cleaned, etc.). In addition, as mentioned above, the balance repeatability of hot loaded collets is also very high. This combination of tool loading consistency and balance repeatability enables the processing workshop to accurately monitor the tool life and predict the number of workpieces that can be processed per tool loading, which is also extremely important to improve the processing efficiency of the workshop

(10) convenience of supply

at present, most of the world's major tool collet manufacturers can provide hot installed collets (as standard products). Therefore, the mold processing workshop will not have supply problems like using high-precision spring collets or some other collet systems (these collets are sometimes produced by only one or a few manufacturers)

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