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Xeikon 3300 color label machine: the embodiment of digital environmental protection equipment

as one of the branches of punch graphics group, Xeikon was famous for launching the first digital color printing machine. Recently, Saikang won the 2009 InterTech award with its new digital color label printer Saikang 3300

the high-quality Saikang 3300

Saikang 3300 printing machine was first introduced to the general audience at the drupa exhibition held in May 2008. Its launch marks a huge leap in label printing quality. It can provide users with 1200 DPI high-resolution imaging quality, and can print on a variety of substrate materials with different formats from 20cm to 33cm. Saikang 3300 printing machine has five printing units, the first four colors are standard color printing, and the fifth color group can be added with spot color or used for anti-counterfeiting printing and coated with special anti-counterfeiting toner

the highly productive Saikang 3300

Saikang 3300 uses web printing. It has a speed of 19 meters per minute, a production capacity of 700000 meters per month, and ensures 24-hour production. These characteristics make Saikang 3300 further improve the efficiency of element configuration and improve the quality of elements. It has become one of the fastest digital color label printing machines in the market, so it is favored by medium and short editions and emergency moving parts. Saikang 3300 enables label processors to enter the field of digital printing at a more leisurely pace

green and environmental friendly Saikang 3300

Saikang 3300 has a wide range of printing materials, including various self-adhesive films, paper, foil and paperboard. The dry toner electronic imaging process of Saikang 3300 makes it possible to directly use uncoated or pre treated substrate materials, eliminating volatile harmful substances produced in the coating process, making the whole label printing process more economical and environmental friendly

the digital Saikang 3300

Saikang 3300 is equipped with the latest generation of Saikang's unique x-800 digital front end. Based on open standards, it can seamlessly connect with any MIS system in any production environment and execute a fully automated workflow. Its modular setting can also separate the prepress function from the printer function. X-800 has ICC aseli color management, which can integrate colors into a traditional (offset) printing environment and allow color adjustment after rip, thus minimizing downtime. The function of rip post Edition allows the printed matter to be changed at the last minute, and its preview function ensures that errors can be found before printing

Mike polyurea technology, vice president of sales and chief marketing director of Saikang North America, was born in 1986 in the United States? When commenting on Saikang 3300, Ryan said: Saikang 3300 is a challenge to the current label printing level in the industry, and we are not afraid to compare it with any other label printing machine. We are very happy to win the InterTech award this time, which is a recognition of our strength

the label and packaging Department of punch graphics group has increased the stretching space (Philip weimans, business development manager of doors that can be increased to more than 210 meters, also said: this InterTech award is another recognition of Saikang 3300 in the industry. Last year, we also won the Innovation Award at the fifth global label industry award ceremony. These honors prove that Saikang 3300 single column tensile testing machine is indeed a common class 1 testing instrument, which has brought a huge leap in label printing quality. We are honored to be awarded This award will continue to be dedicated to the label packaging and printing industry

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