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[voice of the two sessions] Ding Shiyong: improve the success rate of start-ups

in recent years, China has issued a series of policies to encourage "mass entrepreneurship and innovation", so that people with entrepreneurial dreams are eager to try, urban makers and grass-roots entrepreneurs are increasing, and entrepreneurial projects are blooming everywhere. At the two national sessions, Ding Shiyong, member of the CPPCC National Committee, vice chairman of the Chongqing Municipal Committee of the Zhigong party and deputy director of the Chongqing Municipal Audit Bureau, believed that while "mass entrepreneurship and innovation" achieved gratifying results, there were all kinds of entanglements, contradictions and hesitations, so entrepreneurs must first be employed

Ding Shiyong introduced that at present, there are some noteworthy phenomena in "mass entrepreneurship and innovation": first, traditional projects in the entrepreneurial market account for a large proportion. Although the number of new entrepreneurs continues to rise every year, traditional projects with low innovation content still account for the majority. Second, incubation bases are uneven. Various incubation bases, micro enterprise parks, maker spaces, and innovation parks for the purpose of cultivating small and micro enterprises continue to emerge, but there are great differences in terms of service functions and actual effects for enterprises. Third, entrepreneurship support policies were issued by many. After formulating the corresponding preferential policies, the relevant departments continue to issue some supplementary instructions or new policies, which makes entrepreneurs feel confused and at a loss

Ding Shiyong believes that the difficulties entrepreneurs encounter in reality include the following categories: first, it is difficult to screen projects. What kind of project is suitable for you, like a threshold blocking the pace of many entrepreneurs. Second, it is difficult to start-up capital. Some entrepreneurs are short of savings and have no economic foreign aid. They can only watch one opportunity slip by and cooperate with Sigri. Third, information symmetry is difficult. Although tax relief, micro enterprise entrepreneurship subsidy, social security subsidy policy, entrepreneurship guarantee loan, free entry of incubation base, follow-up development support policies have been introduced, but the policies are not coordinated and the information is asymmetric. Fourth, it is difficult to improve ability. When traditional industries are gradually replaced by emerging industries, standing at the crossroads of the trend, many entrepreneurs want to improve themselves, but they suffer from no good channels and methods. And many commercial training is "seeing flowers in the fog", which makes it difficult to identify and store essence. Fifth, it is difficult for many to run. Many people run departments and submit various materials. Clay and graphene are similar to dealing with people in different places and departments, which makes entrepreneurs exhausted, unable to find a sense of direction and belonging, and even erodes their entrepreneurial passion in the process

employment is the biggest livelihood of the people. Only with employment can there be income, people's livelihood will gradually improve, and society will continue to be stable. Ding Shiyong suggested that, first, establish a public service platform. There are two main reasons to establish a public service platform to provide services for entrepreneurs and build a cluster display for Entrepreneurs: the first reason is that the indication of the experimental machine is not allowed, and the exchange platform for like-minded people is to organize experts, successful people, experts and scholars, investment and financing experts to match the "one-to-one" pairs for entrepreneurs. 2、 Improve vocational skills training. Only high-quality entrepreneurs can bring an efficient team, and only a fighting team can create wealth for the enterprise. 3、 Create a startup project library. The projects that have mature entrepreneurship and have franchise needs, cooperation needs and financing needs are preferably included in the management of local project libraries, and are updated from time to time, so as to guide entrepreneurs to open their minds and achieve high starting point entrepreneurship with tensile strength, constant elongation, constant elongation force value and yield strength. 4、 Integrate financial support policies. Integrate the policies of relevant departments, such as the support of discount guaranteed loans, increase support and improve accuracy. 5、 Improve the function of incubation base. Through the basic services such as agency or guidance provided by the incubation base, as well as enjoying various preferential policies based on the mass entrepreneurship space or incubation base, it can not only improve the success rate of start-ups, but also reduce the burden on entrepreneurs

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