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Double door anti-theft door size and installation points

double door anti-theft door is also called "double door anti-theft safety door", which is a double door with anti-theft and safety performance. The qualified double door anti-theft door can't be pried open by thieves with ordinary crime tools within 15 minutes, and it can only be used after passing the test of the Ministry of public security testing center. Only when it meets the standard and passes the test can it be called a real double door anti-theft door

the double door security door is not marked with traditional mechanical (wire) to change the exact size of the physical schematic diagram of the experimental machine, which needs to be customized. Only single door: 960*2050mm or 860*1970 Child and mother door (Sanqi door):1160*2050mm or 1200*2050

there are four specifications of standard anti-theft doors, one, 860*2050mm, two, 960*2050mm, three, 960*1970mm, four, 860*1970mm. China's "passenger car fuel consumption limit" regulations The height of 2050mm is the door frame with a total height of 2.05 meters. If the height of the user's door opening is 2070mm, you can buy the height of 2050mm. You need to leave an allowance of about 20mm, which is easier to adjust during installation

different grades have different requirements for the thickness of steel plates. Generally, the household is of grade D. the national standard thickness of the front plate is 0.8mm, the rear plate is 0.6mm, and the door frame is 1.5mm

the thickness of steel and wood doors is generally 40mm, steel non-standard doors are 50mm, 70mm, 90mm, 120mm, etc., stainless steel doors are generally 70mm, copper doors are generally 56mm or 70mm, and the specific requirements of users or the limitations of accessories. Installation points of double door anti-theft door:

(1) the installation of anti-theft door should adopt appropriate installation methods according to the type of anti-theft door used

(2) the door frame of the anti-theft door can be fixed with the wall with expansion bolts, or iron parts can be embedded at the hole when building the wall, and welded firmly with the door frame connector during installation

(3) no matter what connection method is adopted between the door frame and the wall, there should be no less than 3 anchor points on each side, and they should be firmly connected

(4) when installing the anti-theft door, it should be straightened and hoisted first. After the size is appropriate, it should be temporarily fixed, corrected and adjusted. After it is correct, it can be connected, but the connection and anchorage of the foam granulator should be increased

(5) the swing door is required to be opened conveniently, closed tightly and firmly, and the gap with the ground plane should not be greater than 5mm (6) anti theft devices should be installed between the door frame and the door leaf or other parts

(7) hardware accessories such as handle, door lock and observation hole on anti-theft door must be complete. High weather resistant materials used in combination with 5 gold become extremely important; The password protection lock, electronic alarm password system, doorbell paging and other devices on the multi-functional anti-theft door must be effectively improved

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