3D printing of the hottest robot CNC machine tools

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Robots, CNC machine tools and 3D printing have all been "moved" to the base Expo

: seven exhibition halls and one outdoor exhibition hall, 915 exhibitors...

tightening the pull rod (6) can ensure that the collet on the spindle and each friction pair does not produce any relative sliding in the spindle taper hole. Machine people, CNC machine tools and 3D printing have all been "moved" to the base Expo

today (September 1), The 17th China International Equipment Manufacturing Expo opened in Shenyang International Exhibition Center. The five-day exhibition will become an international event of equipment manufacturing after each experiment. Yesterday, the Shenyang evening news and the financial media of Shenyang news visited the class in advance, and all preparations in the venue were ready. What are the highlights of the event? Visit camp in advance for you

large precision instruments were moved into the exhibition

on the same day, they came to the exhibition site in advance. On the booth of each exhibition area, the staff were busy arranging the exhibition. The total area of on-site exhibition is 110000 square meters, with a total of 7 exhibition halls and 1 outdoor exhibition hall. Do you buy fake and low-cost aluminum alloy cables on the exhibition site? Although it sounds a little sensational, all kinds of large and novel precision instruments have been moved to the exhibition areas at the exhibition site. The staff are nervously debugging CNC machine tools, height monitoring robots and other display instruments, which are particularly novel and eye-catching

learned that the theme of this China Manufacturing Expo is "intelligent manufacturing and Northeast Revitalization". There are 915 exhibitors at home and abroad, with 4112 booths, from 16 countries and regions such as the United States, Germany, Britain, Italy, Sweden, Spain, Japan, South Korea, and domestic exhibitors from 20 provinces and cities (regions). Including the world's top 500 enterprises and multinational companies, world-famous machine tool enterprises, domestic well-known equipment manufacturing enterprises, etc

this exhibition has a higher scientific and technological content

stroll around the exhibition site in advance and find that this Manufacturing Expo has set up overseas equipment exhibition area, metal cutting equipment exhibition area, metal forming equipment exhibition area, intelligent manufacturing technology exhibition area, equipment manufacturing comprehensive exhibition area, equipment manufacturing foundation exhibition area, equipment manufacturing and environmental protection equipment exhibition area, as well as large equipment, construction machinery and special vehicles exhibition area. Various high-tech manufacturing industries such as robots, IC equipment, 3D printing technology and equipment, electronic information technology, high-end intelligent equipment and AI innovation technology, high-end CNC machine tools and other machining equipment, special equipment in energy conservation and environmental protection, energy transportation and other fields, general equipment for equipment manufacturing, and military civilian integration innovation achievements will be displayed. There will be new improvements in terms of scientific and technological content, product grade, trading function, etc. The exhibition group of the Ministry of science and technology will debut at the Manufacturing Expo for the first time, and 17 high-tech units such as China Railway Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd. and Tianjin University will participate for the first time

come to the scene to watch the robot challenge

in addition, 13 supporting activities were arranged for this Manufacturing Expo to solve the problem of cross provincial replacement of electrolytic aluminum production capacity, including the third manufacturing Power Summit Forum and the forum for the integration and development of industrial interconnection and advanced manufacturing, the 17th China Manufacturing Expo buyers' conference, China international high end manufacturing investment fair, China (Shenyang) French Chinese Industrial Design Forum One stop procurement of China's machine tools - nuozhan mall mother machine Festival, 2018 youth robot challenge, etc. Among them, the third manufacturing Power Summit Forum and industrial interconnection and advanced manufacturing integration development forum are the main forums of this China Manufacturing Expo. If you are interested in robots, you can also go to the scene of the Expo to watch the robot challenge competition. (Wang Xiaoting)

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