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The dilemma of "under the dome": China's top 500 paper industry was blocked and shut down

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core tip: Although Chai Jing's "under the dome" was banned, its influence continued to ferment. On March 8, the Red Cliff factory of China's top 500 Chenming paper industry was blocked and shut down by local residents due to sewage discharge. On March 20, Dezhou Jinghua was claimed 30million yuan by environmental protection organizations for pollution

[China Packaging News] although Chai Jing's "under the dome" was banned, its influence continued to ferment. On March 8, the Red Cliff factory of Chenming paper, one of the top 500 in China, was blocked by local residents due to sewage discharge. On March 20, Dezhou Jinghua was claimed 30million yuan by environmental protection organizations for pollution

on March 8, a post entitled "good news, the paper mill has finally shut down" was spread on the Chibi forum using a 3-high mill or shear mixer. A leading paper company located in Chibi, Hubei Province, stopped all the machines in the paper factory because the residents next to the paper factory blocked the intersection of the paper factory! Residents accused the paper mill of discharging sewage to Lushui River, which threatened the survival of surrounding residents

on one side, Chibi Chenming, as a local pillar enterprise and major taxpayer, requires the environmental protection department to open up on the other side; On one side, the awakened people began to take action to strive for a healthy living environment. Unconsciously, China's GDP oriented development model has fallen into a dilemma

"under the dome" triggered residents' strong concern about the living environment. On March 1, Chai Jing's "under the dome" received more than 100 million hits in 24 hours after it was broadcast, which also ignited the anger of residents who are suffering from environmental pollution in Chibi, Hubei Province. Everyone is afraid that people are dead and the money is not spent The tragedy of is repeated in oneself

On March 8, local residents found that the paper mill directly discharged sewage into Lushui River, so they blocked the intersection of the paper mill, resulting in the forced shutdown of the paper mill. Local residents also set up sheds and stood guard at the sewage outfall to strictly control the re sewage discharge of the paper mill

a deeply affected resident even posted on the local Chibi forum, hoping to get the support of the Chibi people, that is, to arouse strong resonance in the local forum. The following are some comments intercepted by friends:

I hope the people of the whole city will drum and shout for the green mountains and green waters of Chibi!. I hope the government department will listen to the voice of the people! Don't try to please your superiors all day! Please do not sacrifice the living environment of all people in Chibi City, and even the environment of future generations to develop! For the benefit of a few people, destroy the ecological environment value of the whole Chibi City

environmental protection is very important. Leaders still need to work hard! This is related to the survival of future generations! Decades later, we squatted on our feet, but our descendants are using the water here! If the pollution goes on like this, we really need to end our children and grandchildren! It's even hard to have a baby then! Leaders, your children can go abroad, but now they are still studying and living in Chibi City! Now you still drink the water of Lushui River in Chibi City! It will also affect his body now

passing by the river near the paper mill, I saw that the river seemed to be boiling about 10 meters away from the shore. I'm not curious. I know this is the sewage outlet of the paper mill, but I just don't understand that our taxpayers' money supports some so-called people's public servants. Why are we so incompetent? It was hot when I was a child. I could go down the river to take a bath at any time. How happy it was! Now I dare not wash my hands by the river. The water surface from the paper mill to the downstream is black. The good river water is simply spoiled by the paper mill. Once, the fish caught by the rubber dam was cooked and put in the garbage can when it was brought to the table! Why, it doesn't smell like a paper mill. I remember the ancient book said that an official's term benefits one party, so now officials can't say that it harms one party. Chibi rending with the same feeling

why is it that the sewage is directly discharged to Lushui River Environmental Protection Bureau? Is it blind or inaction? Or benefit? Every year we talk about governance. It's still the same. It's getting worse every year

the air near the paper mill is filled with sour and ugly smell jjg1136 ⑵ 017 "verification regulation of change fatigue testing machine" was issued by the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China on February 28, 2017. Children studying in No. 4 middle school live in that pungent smell every day. Finally, the pollution stopped. These pollution made Chibi people sick and did a lot of harm

the paper factory spent money to pass the customs, and the siege ended.

as a leading state-owned enterprise, Chi PI Chenming certainly did not want to become a soft persimmon to be handled by others. The paper factory cadres quickly called the factory workers to the intersection to confront the besieged residents, and the momentum was very high! The Post said that there were hundreds of people at the intersection, and the situation was once fierce

however, it was difficult for the strong dragon to suppress the local snakes after all. The paper mill did not want to get into a stalemate with the local residents. On the one hand, it promised not to pollute, on the other hand, it took money to appease

according to the grapevine news disclosed by you, the paper mill gave renjiawan village 500000 that night, and the road blocking residents of renjiawan withdrew, and then qijiawan and Wujia also blocked the road together. After all, there is still money and willfulness. On March 11, the paper factory can be equipped with O-ring clamps, special clamps for the tire industry, etc. and it is restarted. Please look at the chimney. Finally, the containment ended with the paper mill compensating each group of 80000 agricultural development funds

this also fulfilled a friend's prediction: in the final analysis, it still requires money. Put some money in front of them to appease them, and the rest will be fine if they are scared by a few green snots

paper mills and other polluting enterprises are facing difficulties, and China's economic development model has encountered bottlenecks. Coincidentally, on March 20, due to repeated complaints from surrounding residents, the China Environmental Protection Federation, an environmental protection organization in charge of the Ministry of environmental protection, submitted a petition to the Dezhou intermediate people's court in Shandong Province, filing a public interest lawsuit against the atmospheric pollution of Dezhou Jinghua group Zhenhua Co., Ltd., claiming nearly 30million yuan. This is also the first environmental public interest litigation case against air pollution after the implementation of the new environmental protection law

the two cases clearly show that local residents' awareness of environmental protection and rights protection has begun to recover strongly. Especially after more than 30 years of economic development, more and more Chinese people suddenly find themselves living in a city surrounded by garbage, shrouded in toxic haze and sewage, and their living environment is facing a pre emptive crisis. As the tolerance of Chinese people to environmental pollution is getting lower and lower, there will be more red cliff road blocking and Dezhou claims in the future

for physical enterprises such as Chibi Chenming and Dezhou Zhenhua, affected by factors such as the real estate foam, rising labor costs and declining profits, enterprises have long lost the best opportunity to achieve transformation and upgrading. At the end of last year, Chenming Paper announced that it would sell or shut down companies with relatively backward production capacity, such as Chibi Chenming, Hailar Chenming and Yanbian Chenming. In this way, if there is no suitable manufacturer to take over the plate, Chibi Chenming will be shut down as the local residents wish

although Chai Jing's "under the dome" has been banned, its positive impact on environmental protection is still quite large. During the two sessions, the State Council's tone on ecological and environmental protection was significantly higher. High polluting enterprises such as papermaking, cement and steel will be strictly monitored, and backward production capacity with substandard emissions will face the dilemma of either shutting down or spending a lot of money on environmental protection transformation

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