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Xike cooperates with Deya technology to provide document management services for enterprises

the first cooperation between Xike and Deya technology began in Fushun Mining Group in 2012, which can promote the development group projects of all industries to a certain extent. Through integration, hiko delivered a comprehensive solution integrating maintenance and document management system to the owner. Based on a good foundation for cooperation, the two sides decided to further expand the space for future cooperation

for new construction projects (which need to build a complete factory database), Xike has rich project experience in delivering integrated maintenance management systems and third-party document management systems

comprehensive functions, reasonable price and short implementation cycle are the main reasons for hiko to choose hola. In addition, Deya's bilingual technical support ability and its long-term cooperation with EPC (engineering general contracting) Institute have established a good business relationship with a certain degree of difficulty in the process of commercialization promotion, which is fully in line with the positioning of Xike for the target market

about Deya technology

Deya technology is a set of enterprise document management and knowledge management software based on network, which can help enterprises comprehensively improve team work efficiency, reduce costs, and achieve more accurate decision-making and more efficient management. Hola helps enterprises to be higher, which means reducing the number of parts, reducing prices and effectively managing the whole life cycle of enterprise knowledge in the supply chain: from creation, modification, version control, approval procedures, storage, query and repeated use, so as to realize team driven and team oriented document collaboration and knowledge management

about Xike

based on its long-term experience in maintenance work with Chinese characteristics, as the largest maintenance and management consulting company in China, Xike has developed a set of unique maintenance and management solutions to meet the maintenance needs of industrial enterprises, property management and (Infrastructure) owners through the use of high-tech technology tools. As we all know, the traditional asset management market has always been dominated by it suppliers, and Sike, founded and operated by professional maintainers, has always been committed to providing customers with rapid and sustainable maintenance and improvement results

in the future, it is expected to become a replacement material for the manufacture of disposable coffee cups and other supplies. It is committed to assisting owners to implement best maintenance practices in the fields of maintenance, facility (property) management and risk prevention. SECCO's services include: Maintenance Evaluation, maintenance engineering, CMMS system implementation, etc. At the same time, hiko can also provide customers with a bluebee mobile maintenance and management solution based on its own cloud computing platform, and can synchronize data with any background maintenance and management system (coswin, Maximo, SAP PM, datastream, etc.). In 2012, bluebee won the PEC product of the year award

Secco has more than 70 customers and more than 700 project sites in China, including abb, Alstom, Arkema, Brose motors, Carrefour, Great Wall property group, China National Electric Corporation, Fushun Mining Group, 2010 Shanghai WorldExpo, France natural gas Suez group, Greenland Group, IKEA, Wanguo paper, Nokia, Saint Gobain group, Sichuan Lutianhua, sogefei, ZF, etc

the headquarters and R & D center of Hikvision are located in Shanghai, with offices in Chengdu. At the same time, the company belongs to the French siveco group, the largest CMMS supplier in Europe, and the group has more than 82000 users worldwide

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