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Size and appearance inspection of sheet workpieces: lingbang equipment inspects 180 pieces per minute

recently, Beijing lingbang instrument has developed an automatic inspection equipment scheme for sheet workpieces, which detects the size and appearance defects of permanent magnet products such as neodymium iron boron, and automatically sorts the tested workpieces, which can comprehensively improve the inspection efficiency of relevant product manufacturers, and is applicable to gaskets, washers Size and appearance inspection of various sheet workpieces and small parts such as nuts. According to industry analysis, this equipment scheme provides a new detection mode for a large number of small parts manufacturers, which can comprehensively replace manual sampling inspection, and has great application value and market potential

manual testing workshop: many people, low efficiency and poor reliability

the testing efficiency of lingbang equipment is as high as 180 pieces per minute; The product types tested include outer runway ring, inner runway, ring and disc. The product size range is 2.5mm15mm, and the thickness is not greater than 2mm; From manual feeding to the material box that can enter the system exit screen, the equipment automatically discharges materials; The equipment can automatically sort the inspected products; It can automatically store product testing data, count the qualification rate of each batch of products and other data, and automatically generate reports for quality traceability and control; The whole equipment has no wearing parts, and the over warranty and maintenance costs are extremely low

the equipment manufacturer should add the corresponding control system to adopt optical control technology, mainly using non-contact optical measurement to complete the detection. The equipment system is composed of industrial computer, digital acquisition card, motion controller, test unit, material transmission unit and sorting unit. Yang Gong introduced that the proximity sensor is responsible for triggering the detection sensor; The digital acquisition card transmits the digital signal collected by the test unit to the industrial control computer, which processes the data; The motion controller receives the control signal transmitted by the industrial computer and controls the material transmission unit and sorting unit; The material transfer unit automatically discharges the products in the material box, then transfers them to the test station, and then flips the products to the next end face test station; The sorting unit will automatically sort the products after the test as required

basic schematic diagram

compared with the manual sampling method, lingbang equipment has comprehensively improved the detection process from four aspects. First, improve the comprehensiveness of testing: the traditional way is to conduct sampling inspection according to the proportion of 1/3, while lingbang equipment can be fully inspected; Second, the delivery risk is small: the traditional detection process involves too many workers, which is easy to be disturbed by subjective factors such as workers' vision and emotion, and the delivery risk is high. The new scheme belongs to automatic instruments, and the car is also an essential means of transportation for people in ordinary times. The objective detection has less manual participation, and the delivery risk is small, thus improving the quality of delivered products; Third, improve the market position: at present, in the industry of Nd-Fe-B permanent magnet products, the detection is basically carried out manually, which is easy to make party a feel that the quality is unreliable, while the new scheme adopts efficient automatic mechanical equipment detection, which makes party a have a stronger sense of trust, which creates conditions for manufacturers to get more sales orders; Fourth, save testing costs and increase economic benefits: in the process of demand investigation, lingbang instrument engineers found that the testing task of the permanent magnet product manufacturer that raised the testing problem was 1.5 million pieces per day, and there were more than 20 workers working continuously in the testing workshop. The workers were under great pressure, and the manufacturer's economic and management costs were high. If lingbang equipment was used, only one or two workers were needed to operate the equipment, which greatly reduced the labor and management costs, In the long run, it has increased considerable economic benefits for manufacturers

in addition, this solution has a wide range of applications. After a small amount of modification, it can be applied to the inspection of various permanent magnet products, as well as the size and appearance inspection of various sheet workpieces and small parts such as gaskets, washers, nuts, etc. (see the above figure)

it is understood that with the continuous development of the consumer electronics industry, the contradiction between high production and low detection efficiency of permanent magnet products has become one of the factors limiting the development of permanent magnet product manufacturers. After a detailed demand survey, lingbang instrument deeply understands the detection pain of relevant manufacturers, so it has tailored this set of fast automatic detection scheme for its production line. This scheme replaces the heavy manual sampling inspection in the past, can comprehensively improve the ex factory qualification rate of products for customers, and provides a new rapid inspection mode that greatly saves labor costs and improves economic benefits for a large number of small parts manufacturers

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