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Dimethyl ether enterprises are still worried about the soaring price

in December, the dimethyl ether Market changed the continuous downturn trend and made rapid progress all the way. However, in the face of the hot market, dimethyl ether manufacturers are very cautious, and they are worried about the future market to realize one machine with multiple uses. Large enterprises have postponed the commencement or production of new projects

it is understood that this round of blowout market came suddenly and rapidly, and the ex factory price has jumped to the integer level of 3000 yuan/ton since December 1. At present, the ex factory price of dimethyl ether in Northwest China is generally 3500 ~ 4000 yuan/ton, that in Central China is about 4300 ~ 4700 yuan/ton, and that in East and South China is as high as 5000 ~ 5500 yuan/ton, which is more than 1000 yuan/ton higher than the average price in November, and the sales are very smooth, and even a rare phenomenon of waiting in line since the second half of last year. However, Wang Guijin, general manager of Henan Jinding Chemical Co., Ltd., the main manufacturer of dimethyl ether, was both happy and worried in an interview: first, Wang Zhonghui said that once many previously discontinued devices resume production, the market will be oversupplied, and the price drop is inevitable. Due to pessimism about the overall trend of dimethyl ether, the 200000 t/a dimethyl ether project that Jinding company originally planned to put into operation at the end of 2008 will be postponed indefinitely

huiyoushe, general manager of Shaanxi Weihe Chemical Technology Co., Ltd., another major manufacturer, is equally pessimistic about the late trend of dimethyl ether, and even predicts that the price of alcohol ether will reverse after December 15. He said that at present, the domestic dimethyl ether production capacity is at least 6. The strip billet for cold rolling is "innovated by Alcoa"; San Antonio small mill method TM rdquo; (sanantoniomicromillltmflowpath) produces million tons, but the demand is only about 2million tons. With serious overcapacity, Dow DuPont is only a temporarily established consortium. Now there is a profit of 200 ~ 500 yuan/ton, and many enterprises are bound to quickly start the device to produce at full power, significantly increasing the supply of dimethyl ether. In order to prevent losses caused by deep price correction, Weihe company has stopped purchasing methanol and is trying to digest inventory

it is also understood that due to the continuous downturn in the market since the second half of last year and the lack of confidence in the future, many dimethyl ether units such as Lutianhua Lvyuan alcohol Co., Ltd. and Shenhua Ningmei group have not resumed production so far. Many enterprises have abandoned or postponed the implementation of several hundred thousand tons and millions of tons of dimethyl ether projects planned. Among them, Zhongtian Hechuang Energy Co., Ltd., which started two years ago with a total investment of 21 billion yuan, has an annual output of 4.2 million tons of methanol, 3million tons of dimethyl ether and its supporting projects. The full production date has also been postponed from 2010 to 2011

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