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First in the world! SABIC's factories will use 100% renewable energy

100 MW solar photovoltaic power stations are planned to be fully put into operation in 2024, helping SABIC achieve the 2025 clean energy goal

recently, SABIC signed a major agreement to build its polycarbonate plant in Cartagena, Spain, into the world's first large-scale chemical production base that fully relies on renewable energy

based on the agreement, Spain Iberdrola, one of the world's largest power companies, will invest nearly 70million euros to build a 100 MW solar photovoltaic power station on the land under the jurisdiction of SABIC. Equipped with 263000 battery panels, the power station will become the largest renewable energy power generation facility for industrial use in Europe after it is fully put into operation in 2024

the agreement cycle of this cooperation in six major fields, including magnetic materials, high-performance metal materials, new chemical materials, electronic information materials, new energy and environmental protection materials, and new textile materials, is as long as 25 years, setting another major milestone for SABIC in its global journey to use cleaner energy in its operations. SABIC plans to deploy wind or solar power generation facilities with a capacity of 4 GW for its global plants by 2025, and increase this number to 12 GW by 2030. In 2019, SABIC has installed solar panels for its plants in India and Thailand, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by up to 200 tons. In addition, SABIC, located in the "home of innovation" in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, has achieved full photovoltaic power supply since 2015

sabic executive vice president of sustainable development, technology and innovation, Dr. Bob maughon, chief technology officer and chief sustainable development officer, said: "By reaching this milestone cooperation with yverdrola, we have taken another solid step towards the company's long-term goals of sustainable development and clean energy. The close cooperation relationship we have established is also the cornerstone of SABIC's business growth model. The launch of the Cartagena solar photovoltaic power plant project not only demonstrates our continuous promotion of the sustainable development agenda of the chemical industry, More powerful proof of the feasibility of such a large-scale transformation. "

Dr. Bob moon added: "Thanks to the many technological breakthroughs made in the renewable energy field in recent years, large-scale projects such as ours are gradually ready for smooth implementation. SABIC's firm commitment to technology and innovation urges us to stay at the forefront of the industry at all times. At the same time, it also means that we have the excellent advantage of carrying out such pioneering transformation immediately. This photovoltaic power station will help us indirectly reduce 80000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions every year, and make progress Further strengthen our support and contribution to a series of climate change response initiatives, including the EU '2030 climate and energy framework', and deepen our agreement and response to the goal of the United Nations Sustainable Development Science and Technology Institute to issue a reliable UV resistant plastic composite exhibition. "

after the operation of Cartagena solar photovoltaic power station, SABIC customers, especially those in the automotive and construction industries, will have the opportunity to obtain polycarbonate products and solutions produced by 100% renewable energy. In today's unremitting pursuit of low-carbon and environmental protection, SABIC will also more effectively meet the urgent needs of customers and consumers for more sustainable solutions

Eduardo insunza, global director of corporate accounts at yverdrola, said: "Such a major cooperation between us and SABIC can not only effectively strengthen the market competitiveness of renewable energy, but also continue to open up more development opportunities for innovative projects aimed at reshaping the current situation and future of the energy industry. Long term power purchase agreements can inject more stability into relevant investments. For large customers who are committed to obtaining clean and sustainable energy, they have long become their management of electricity The preferred tool for force supply. "

in Riyadh, SABIC global headquarters is actively preparing to apply photovoltaic power generation technology, and the feasibility study of the 300 MW solar array project jointly carried out by SABIC and its public facilities joint venture marafiq and the Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu has also entered the final stage. The project is located on the west coast of Saudi Arabia and is planned to cost US $300million. After it is built into a broader future market, the power generated will be uniformly distributed by SABIC for use by local chemical plants

committed to better meet the changing needs of customers and consumers, SABIC also launched trucircle ™ Cycle solutions product line. It covers all recyclable materials and technologies such as SAB rather than government pressure on enterprises, IC certified recycled polymers made from waste plastics through chemical recycling method and certified bio based renewable polymers. Trucircle ™ It is regarded as the key to promote the deepening development of SABIC's world-class sustainable product business. At present, this series of efforts to strengthen the use of renewable energy from the source of production will definitely enable trucircle ™ More effectively help SABIC further realize its sustainable development vision

the polycarbonate plant of SABIC in Cartagena, Spain

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