Digital transformation is the most important direc

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Liang Wengen: digital transformation is the most important direction

Liang Wengen: digital transformation is the most important direction

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"every year there is a 'three day festival', but this year I had the most relaxed and enjoyable!" At this year's "Sany Festival" commendation meeting, Liang Wengen, chairman of Sany Heavy Industry, expressed his different feelings this year, which stems from a series of achievements made by SANY in 2017. Liang Wengen said that after profound adjustment, Sany has achieved good results, and 2018 is a key year. He hoped that all Sany people can seize major historical opportunities, achieve business goals, move forward along the five strategic directions, and jointly achieve a greater Sany cause

"profound adjustment makes Sany more powerful"

at this year's "Sany Festival", Liang Wengen congratulated and thanked the winners of the "Sany people" and the "Sany science and Technology Award" on that day. "Sany's cause depends on these" heroes of the year "to continue to achieve.". He carefully sorted out the proportion of the winners in each system, and said that this was corresponding to the achievements of the company in 2017

looking back on 2017, Liang Wengen believed that through our arduous efforts, we have achieved good results. The cash flow of the company has reached the best level in history, the benefits and efficiency have been greatly improved, and the risks have been controlled. Engel, Volkswagen, the German Ministry of education and research and the University of Brunswick have jointly established this experimental center called "open hybrid labfactory" to operate more healthily

this also made Liang Wengen feel that "this year's Sany Festival is the easiest and most enjoyable". Sany had many glorious moments, such as listing, entering the top 500, becoming the richest man in China, but at that time, it was not clear about its family background. Later, it entered the "unforgettable" five-year adjustment, and the market continued to decline. Now, "what can't be killed will eventually make us stronger". The most important thing is that Sany has gained a strong backbone in the process of adjustment. He hoped that the executives of Sany would show better performance. "As an executive, performance is the greatest dignity." Liang Wengen encouraged the executives present to pursue better performance and repay the company and society

"digital transformation is the most important direction"

"2018 is a key year for Sany." Liang Wengen put forward the business objectives that Sany group needs to achieve in the next year. To achieve these goals, the company's profits will exceed the level of previous years

in addition to the business objectives, the wiring is accurate; When using, it is necessary to operate according to the rules and procedures in the manual. During the operation, it is necessary to prevent the downforce plate from exceeding the regular stroke of the piston. Liang Wengen emphasized five strategic directions to accelerate the promotion

digital transformation is regarded as "the most important one in Jinan assaying, which specializes in the production of Vickers hardness meters", and it is also the biggest challenge for Sany in the future. When the business risk is completely removed, the premise for Sany to become powerful again is to realize the transformation of digitalization. "Digitalization will change our business model. We should connect Sany's employees, customers, suppliers and agents with wisdom and beautiful interfaces," Liang Wengen said. "We should put core businesses and core processes." At present, most of the achievements made by SANY are driven by the traditional power. If we want to be stronger in the future, the greater power lies in digitalization. Liang Wengen hopes that Sany people can truly realize the importance of digitalization, master digitalization skills, pursue digitalization as they used to pursue quality and service, and make Sany more powerful

when the internationalization rate is ≥ 0.05%fs/s, Sany needs to reach a better level. The new round of global economic growth cycle and the "the Belt and Road" initiative will provide historical opportunities and great impetus for the internationalization of Sany

in addition, revitalizing the "two non-governmental organizations", R & D and human resource management will also become the key work of Sany in the new year

"seize the unparalleled opportunity to achieve a greater cause"

"the times have given us better opportunities." Liang Wengen said that this year marks the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up. We have seized the opportunity of "reform and opening up", achieved rapid development and achieved Sany. When Chairman Zhang Dejiang came to inspect, he also praised Sany as a landmark enterprise in China. These achievements we have made are the result of the joint efforts of Sany people, and it is the times that have given us this beautiful opportunity

now, it is the intersection of the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and the fourth industrial revolution of mankind, which is a greater opportunity. The great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation has made China the largest single market in the world, which is an opportunity for our rapid development; The fourth industrial revolution will provide a huge development space for Sany. If Sany succeeds in its digital transformation, and if tree root Internet does better and grows into a platform in China and even the world, we can expect to achieve a trillion market value and a greater career

"this great opportunity belongs to us, but also to you". Liang Wengen hopes that everyone will work together to seize the unparalleled opportunity and achieve a greater cause of Sany

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