Amoeba mouse made from the hottest nylon polyureth

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Nylon polyurethane blended manufacturing amoeba mouse

lite on technology, the PC Design Center launched a conceptual design product combining tableland silk design and repeated processing technology, and won the 2007 Red Dot Design Award (our practical inspection machine for glass fiber reinforced material processing has been tracked and sold for a lifetime). This kind of mouse uses a kind of clay material, and its surface is covered with a layer of nylon and polyurethane blended fabric. As for the shape of the mouse, you can set it to the most suitable shape by yourself, and then add the control buttons and rollers required by the wireless mouse. The position of the mouse is also up to you. After finalization, it is the most suitable mouse for you

now industrial design pays attention to humanization, and it is often difficult for everyone to apply for a new alloy invention patent. With this concept mouse, it should be able to meet the needs of most people

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