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With a financing of 700 million yuan in five years, how udesk has won the favor of nearly 50 Fortune 500 customers

the market pattern of intelligent customer service has been preliminarily determined, and the industry has migrated to traditional enterprises. As the main force of the first tier of the industry, udesk serves many traditional enterprises, takes the lead in launching Omni channel intelligent customer experience solutions, runs through the whole life cycle of customer service, helps enterprises improve the conversion rate of business opportunities, increase sales revenue, improve service satisfaction, improve internal efficiency of enterprises, and create the ultimate customer experience and employee experience

in recent years, the intelligent customer service industry has developed greatly, and the cloud of infrastructure is the biggest driving force for the development of the intelligent customer service industry. When the cloud computing market entered the second half and began to enter traditional enterprises, intelligent customer service also penetrated from Internet enterprises to traditional enterprises

traditional enterprises are more picky about intelligent customer service manufacturers. Traditional enterprises not only require customer service capabilities, but also pay more attention to customer experience, and have high requirements for scenario based customer service products. In addition, customer service involves more departments, and the comprehensive empowerment of the system is the pursuit of traditional enterprises

traditional enterprises have more complex needs for intelligent customer service products. At the same time, traditional enterprises have stronger user stickiness and higher LTV, which makes high-quality intelligent customer service manufacturers have more opportunities to stand out

in the process of competing in the traditional enterprise market, the market pattern tends to be clear, small and medium-sized manufacturers are gradually out of the market, the market concentration is increased, and the leading manufacturers open the gap with other competitors in terms of revenue, customer number, financing scale, etc., completing the upgrading from intelligent customer service manufacturers to intelligent customer experience solution providers. Udesk, which has just completed the c+ round of financing, is one of the representatives. Udesk is the first enterprise in the industry to provide a complete intelligent customer experience solution for large enterprises. Its solution runs through the whole life cycle of customer acquisition, sales, customer service, re purchase and recommendation of old users, and improvement of internal efficiency of enterprises, helping enterprises improve the conversion rate of business opportunities, increase sales revenue, improve service satisfaction, improve internal efficiency of enterprises, and create the ultimate customer experience and employee experience

the first to deploy traditional enterprises has the first mover advantage

although udesk is not the earliest manufacturer in the industry, it is the first to deploy traditional enterprises

compared with Internet companies, traditional enterprises have slow acceptance of new technologies and products, long decision-making cycle, high customer acquisition cost and great service difficulty, but traditional enterprises are the largest part of the market in the future. From the perspective of seat distribution, the top industries are operators, finance, etc., which are basically dominated by traditional enterprises. Therefore, it is very important to serve traditional enterprises

in 2016, when most manufacturers in the industry are still competing in the Internet market, udesk has focused on the traditional enterprise customer base

on the one hand, cloud computing has penetrated into traditional enterprises, and infrastructure has begun to cloud; On the other hand, the business of traditional enterprises is undergoing Internet + and digital transformation, and customer service is upgrading to full scene customer service, so there is an urgent need for intelligent customer experience manufacturers with full scene service capabilities

the changes in market and customer demand, coupled with the advantages of its own products and service capabilities, made udesk successfully enter the traditional enterprise market in 2016 and quickly won the top customers such as Haidilao and Everbright Bank. In 2018, when other manufacturers began to lay out traditional enterprises, udesk has relied on its first mover advantage to gain a firm foothold in traditional enterprises. At present, udesk has served nearly 50 of the world's top 500 enterprises, including Everbright Bank, Haidilao, Sinopec, Gree, etc., and nearly 80 of China's top 500 enterprises, making it the largest number of large customers among similar manufacturers

complete product line, providing Omni channel intelligent customer experience solutions

a successful strategy is a prerequisite for udesk to become the first tier, and the technical product capability is an important guarantee for udesk to obtain and serve key customers

nowadays, big customers not only need to provide customer service, but also need to ensure customer experience. The contact of customer service is concentrated in the customer service department, while the customer experience requires multi contact and multi department cooperation. Udesk's products rely on cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence technology to connect the customer service department with the enterprise, and run through every contact of the customer journey

in terms of products, udesk has accumulated many valuable customer needs in the process of serving customers, and on this basis, it has continuously improved its product line and polished a complete product matrix

The product matrix of udesk is divided into five categories: full scene customer service system, intelligent product line, large call center, on-site service product line and customer relationship management system, which respectively serve customer acquisition, sales, customer service, re purchase and recommendation, and enterprise operation efficiency management scenarios. Among them, the intelligent product line includes text conversation robot, voice robot, intelligent agent assistant and intelligent quality inspection, which can be embedded in other systems

the full scene customer service system covers all links of agents from incoming/outgoing calls to internal business connection. The customer service system can connect dozens of channels at home and abroad, such as Weibo, Mobile SDK, etc. through insight into customers' online actions such as on-site or app, it can grasp customers' intentions and actively carry out intelligent dialogue to quickly convert clues into customers

the cloud call center uses functions such as customized IVR (interactive voice response), prediction of waiting time, optimal customer allocation and test of outbound calls to improve the working efficiency of agents and improve the customer experience

udesk's product matrix integrity is not only reflected in the customer service scenario, but also includes a work order management system that helps agents communicate customer needs with other departments, a WFO system designed for lean management agents, and Bi product insight that realizes data visualization and assists managers in decision-making

in addition, udesk provides on-site service products and customer management systems, connecting customer service scenarios with on-site services (such as after-sales, technology, complaint and other departments), sales and other enterprise business departments, and empowering on-site service departments and sales departments in a collaborative manner

for example, in the maintenance scenario, when customer needs are transferred from the customer service department to the after-sales department, the on-site service cloud can dispatch the most appropriate engineers to the correct location with the help of an automated intelligent scheduling system, and it can also help after-sales maintenance personnel efficiently manage the on-site operation process

the customer relationship management system realizes the seamless connection between outbound calls and CRM management, unifies marketing, sales and service data from clues, customers, business opportunities to contract orders, and realizes the efficient management and cooperation of data, personnel and processes

this interactive connection between product lines runs through the customer service system of large enterprises and meets their needs in the whole stage of pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales. It is a complete solution to upgrade from intelligent customer service to intelligent customer experience, and improves customer satisfaction. At the same time, employees, as the previous contact between enterprises and customers, scenario products make the business flow more smooth, and employee satisfaction is also improved. This internal and external product matrix enables udesk to have a strong ability to serve traditional large customers. For udesk itself, the complete product matrix increases customer stickiness and LTV while increasing customer unit price

serve the whole cycle of the enterprise, and have a deep understanding of the scenarios

udesk has a deep understanding of the business scenarios of customer service in large enterprises. Through the integration of multiple scenarios, the customer service system becomes the center as the profit center, which is mainly reflected in the full cycle service and customer accumulation. First, from consulting to product implementation, udesk provides full-cycle services that are deeply bound with customers. In this process, udesk has a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the enterprise's needs, customer service system, internal system environment and other aspects, which helps udesk accumulate insight into the needs of customers who should be replaced and improve the product function system. The original customer service was a cost center because it lacked the capture of customer needs and could not generate value for the enterprise. By combing the enterprise customer service system, udesk provides customer experience solutions to help enterprises actively tap customer needs, improve customer experience at each contact, and become the profit growth point of enterprises

second, at present, udesk has served many large customers, with more than 8000 paying customers. This accumulation has promoted the continuous maturity of udesk in scene understanding

for example, Everbright Bank, which has cooperated with udesk for many years, originally had an outdated management method and system of its own outbound call center, which is also an important channel to obtain sales leads and needs to be upgraded

first of all, Everbright's own outbound call center consumes people and time by manually sorting out outbound call clues and managing the allocation and execution of outbound call tasks. Secondly, when the agent performs outbound call tasks, due to manual dialing, manual recording of return visit information, and no recording equipment support, information omission often occurs, and it is not possible to check the return visit records and customer calls in time. Thirdly, for Everbright internal, due to the many manual operation processes and the increase in the number of seats with the increase of outbound call business, personnel management and performance appraisal are difficult to implement, and the supervision is weak. For important sales entrances, Everbright Bank needs to use intelligent tools to transform the call center

According to the actual situation of Everbright Bank, udesk provides solutions for large-scale call centers and insight business data analysis and packaging. The first is to systematize all the tasks that need to be performed manually by the agents, which can be automatically allocated and managed in the cloud call center. The cloud call center can allocate the automatically generated outbound call tasks. At the same time, it has all kinds of callback records and call recording, which saves time and effort. Second, the assessment and supervision are online. The system can provide report statistics and call recording in real time, providing an effective management means. When this kind of material is optimized for strength and toughness, there are more than ten docking methods of udesk system, and the docking with the data management platform of the majority of banks is relatively smooth

like serving Everbright Bank, udesk has deeply understood the different needs of each customer through five years of accumulation. As customers grow, it has gradually formed its own understanding of the needs of various scenarios of the enterprise

make full preparations for intelligent layout

in terms of intellectualization, udesk is not in a hurry to layout, but waits until the time is ripe. The application of intelligence in the field of customer experience has obvious effects, but it is also a preliminary application. It requires the continuous accumulation of professional teams and customers to have the opportunity to do a good job of intelligence

first of all, at present, udesk has served a large number of customers, and the accumulation of scenarios has been relatively in-depth, which is very important for the landing application of knowledge map in intelligent customer experience

secondly, at the data level, the customer's business data is precipitated in the product system of udesk, which can support the intelligent landing in terms of quality and quantity; One of the main application directions of data is the accumulation of udesk robot corpus, which strengthens the ability of robots in knowledge point questioning, attribute inheritance, search and so on

thirdly, udesk has also made a layout in terms of technical talent reserve. First, its technical research team comes from leading enterprises such as Baidu, Microsoft, 360 and the senior Algorithm Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Its core team has more than 8 years of experience in intelligent dialog system design. At the same time, udesk has built its own algorithm team to study the application of AI technology in the field of intelligent customer experience, aiming to sink the technology into the industry,

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