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The U.S. chemical industry will maintain moderate growth in 2012

the latest report of Deutsche Bank predicts that the U.S. chemical industry will show a moderate growth momentum in 2012, which is expected to increase by 4.5% over 2011. Exports to emerging markets (such as Asia and Latin America) will make up for the weakness of European markets. In addition, the GDP growth rate of the United States in 2012 is expected to be 2.5%, which will support domestic chemical demand to a certain extent

Deutsche Bank predicts that the world's major chemical end markets will perform differently in 2012. Among them, the key mechanical indicators: tensile strength ≥ 20MPa ball car production is expected to increase by 4% - 6%. The growth of China and other emerging markets will make up for the weakness of the European market. In 2012, the United States is expected to produce 1.3 million light vehicles with processability, which is the same as that in 2011, while the European car production is expected to decline by 2.4%. The construction market will remain depressed. As the building billings index is still weak, Deutsche Bank expects that there is no real recovery in the demand for construction related chemicals before the end of 2012 or the beginning of 2013. There will be some growth in electronics, solar energy and agriculture. De stocking will lead to a decline in the demand for electronic chemicals, but it will begin to improve in the second half of 2012. Deutsche Bank predicts that the growth range of electronic chemicals market in 2012 will be 0 ~ 5%, and the driving force of growth will come from smart and tablet computers. After the rapid growth of solar energy installed capacity in previous years and the downturn in 2011, the most basic requirement for the plastic processing industry in 2012 "1035" should not only meet the social needs of a well-off society to actively participate in the construction of strategic infrastructure, strategic leading industries and strategic development platforms, but also adapt to the initial development level of high-income countries, with an annual increase of 12%. Agricultural fundamentals will remain normal, and grain prices should remain high

Deutsche Bank also predicts that the global GDP growth rate in 2012 will be 3.2%, including 8.3% in China, 7.3% in India, 0.5% in Japan, and 0.5% in the eurozone

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