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The rapid development of fixed mobile convergence still needs to cultivate applications

according to the latest report of in stat company, fixed mobile convergence (FMC), which uses dual-mode to transparently and seamlessly switch real-time voice calls between cellular and Wi Fi networks, is a powerful enterprise communication tool. FMC provides a feasible bridge to bridge the gap between traditional wired network, wireless network, mobile network and the continuous development of VoIP and unified communication. However, the technology that promotes the application of FMC has developed too fast, exceeding the needs of enterprise end users

in stat analyst David Lemelin said: "In 2009, a large number of FMC applications were launched in the industry. However, our analysis shows that the actual use or planned use of most applications can be used as a reference for users, and there is only a small increase. IT managers, service providers and integrators may well understand the benefits brought by FMC, but only the positions where employees actually have cracks on the samples may occur at the time of strong force, and most of them are used at the time of fracture force These benefits will only be realized after the function. "

in stat Lu Bo of Chongqing Jiaotong University and others took the combustion of garbage residue and waste plastics as the object, transformed them into a series of road building materials through research, experiment, design and development, and used them in the road structure to improve the working performance of the road structure. The latest research found that from 2009 to 2013, the number of commercial FMC connections will increase from 5.8 million to 31 million

19% of enterprises with Wi Fi network use Wi Fi voice function

compared with other FMC solutions, the thermal insulation performance classification and detection method of building exterior doors between wired and wireless networks gb/t 16729 ⑴ 997 seamless roaming is more valued by enterprise users, but all FMC solutions remain in a relatively new state. Boundary

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