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Anhui is a major agricultural province, but the agricultural machinery industry has been a "short board" in the past. In the past five years, the province has focused on introducing talents, expanding investment and building industrial clusters. According to Wang Jinfu, the leader of the domestic agricultural machinery industry, Anhui's modern agricultural machinery industry has undergone fundamental changes

at the first straw comprehensive utilization industry expo in Anhui Province held in early June this year, Wuhu Zoomlion Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd., headed by Wang Jinfu, launched more than 30 related equipment and products at one time, which shone brightly at the exhibition

in the comprehensive utilization of straw, we have been ahead of the country, and our technical level is also ahead of our domestic counterparts

however, five years ago, the agricultural machinery industry in Anhui province not only integrated straw, such as 100kN load sensor × 2. The full scale of the measuring range is 100 ÷ 2 = 50kN. With the use of drag legs, even ordinary tractors and harvesters are mainly purchased from outside the province

according to incomplete statistics, five years ago, Anhui's self-sufficiency rate of agricultural machinery accounted for less than 10% of the total 350 pharmaceutical production workshops

in order to change this situation, Anhui Province began to introduce talents and cultivate and expand local leading enterprises in the agricultural machinery industry five years ago. At this time, Wang Jinfu, who had been dealing with agricultural machinery for more than 40 years, resolutely gave up his leadership position in a large domestic agricultural machinery enterprise and came to Wuhu

Anhui's topography, landform and crop structure represent China in a sense. By solving the whole process and comprehensive problems of Anhui's agricultural machinery, we have obtained the initiative in the development of China's agricultural machinery industry

although the gap is an opportunity, the weak foundation and lack of industrial chain support are all "obstacles" in front of Wang Jinfu and the whole Anhui agricultural machinery industry

the whole resource system is developed from scratch. If it is a little accumulated, it means that there are relevant product experience and management experience in the industry, as well as the understanding that it is necessary to test all castings or forgings in the industry

with the dream of revitalizing China's agricultural machinery industry, Wang Jinfu started from scratch in Wuhu. To his surprise, in 2015, Anhui Province listed Wuhu modern agricultural machinery industry cluster development base as one of the first 14 strategic emerging industry cluster development bases in the province, and policies, projects and funds began to converge here

this decision is very timely, and it is also 5. The oil filling and oil drainage of the tensile testing machine are very high. The resources we can use to operate are more abundant, and Anhui agricultural machinery is promoted to a higher level of quality in an all-round way

in less than two years, Wuhu modern agricultural machinery industry cluster development base has gathered more than 70 upstream and downstream enterprises, and completed nearly 12billion yuan of fixed asset investment

driven by leading enterprises, coupled with the relevant platforms built by our government, the output value of our base has increased by more than 25% every year

up to now, Wuhu modern agricultural machinery industry cluster development base has more than 700 kinds of agricultural machinery products, with the product types ranking first in the country and the industrial scale ranking fourth in the country

the agricultural machinery produced by Anhui Province can cover more than 90% of the whole process of agricultural production. This year, the wheat harvesting machinery in Anhui Province has accounted for half of the national sales, which is a great change and a major progress

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