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Qibin glass has invested nearly 400million yuan to reduce emissions by more than 70000 tons

in recent days, Zhangzhou Qibin glass project is carrying out the eighth production line, which is respectively engaged in the installation of chemical materials, special products and agricultural business equipment, and the power generation equipment from the waste heat of furnace flue gas is also installed synchronously. It is reported that since it settled in Dongshan County, Qibin glass has added accessories to do experiments of contraction, zigzag and ring stiffness, and has invested 3% in environmental protection. 87.3 billion yuan, with an annual emission reduction of 60980 tons of carbon dioxide, 3996 tons of sulfur dioxide and 10631 tons of nitrogen oxides

the project uses the roof of 180000 square meters of production line workshop, with an investment of 1. 300 million yuan to build an amorphous silicon thin film solar photovoltaic demonstration power station with a scale of 11mw, which can also be built with a 30 ° impact, with an annual power generation of 12million kwh; Investment 1. 200million yuan, construction line glass furnace flue gas waste heat power generation project; Invest 60million yuan to implement the line "oil to gas" project, and complete the construction of 1800 cubic meters of LNG gasification station. In addition, 77.3 million yuan was invested to complete the desulfurization and denitration infrastructure transformation project of the production line. Zhonghua glass () Department

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