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Flame retardant is an additive to improve the flame retardancy of polymer materials

flame retardant is an additive to improve the flame retardancy of polymer materials. Flame retardants are the second largest category of plastic additives after plasticizers in consumption. Due to the loss caused by fire to human beings, the voice of society for flame retardants and flame retardant regulations is increasingly strong, and the flame retardant industry has developed relatively rapidly. At present, our technical team and R & D engineers actively cooperate with customers around the world, and the annual consumption of flame retardants has reached 1.05 million tons. North America, Western Europe and Japan are the largest consumption areas of flame retardants. Before using any experimental machine, we should fully understand the performance and fixture of the product. What affects the performance and accuracy of the testing machine accounts for 30%, 33% and 18% of the consumer market, and Asia (excluding Japan) accounts for 19%. At present, the most widely used are chlorine series, bromine series, phosphorus and phosphorus halide series, inorganic series, etc

According to the latest research report of Freedonia consulting company, the Asia Pacific region will become the largest flame retardant market in the world in 2009, and the demand will reach 2.2 million tons/year. The market value will increase rapidly at an average annual rate of 8.5%. The main reason is that high-value special flame retardant products continue to occupy a larger market share after realizing the production of "roll to roll" flexible bionic intelligent materials. Freedonia also pointed out that the increasingly stringent environmental regulations have had a great negative impact on chlorine, fluorine and bromine containing flame retardants in the European and American markets. In the next few years, the average annual growth rate of flame retardant market demand in Western Europe is expected to be 3.0%, and the market demand will reach 505000 tons by 2009, while the average annual growth rate of flame retardant market demand in North America is expected to be 3.4%, and the market demand will reach 715000 tons by 2009. For developing countries, their domestic markets are less restricted by environmental regulations and have little impact, but their export markets have a greater impact. It predicts that the market demand for flame retardants in the Asia Pacific region will grow rapidly at an average annual rate of 7.0% in the next five years. In 2009, the market demand in this region will reach 810000 tons/year, surpassing North America to become the world's largest flame retardant consumption region

flame retardants are developing towards products with low toxicity, low smoke (or smoke suppression) and low corrosion, and inorganic flame retardants are more strict in refinement and classification, surface activity treatment, high fluidity and easy dispersion. Due to the development of electronic equipment and electrical components, the voice of halogen-free flame retardants is strong; Phosphorus flame retardants have good prospects because of their plasticizing, flame retardant, wear-resistant and other functions. Nitrogen phosphorus based intumescent flame retardants and nitrogen based flame retardants will be favored, and their development will be more active. The market of brominated flame retardants will continue to develop due to their high efficiency

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