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Australian packaging giant Amcor's global business restructuring now steel prices have fallen in two

it is reported that Australian packaging giant Amcor plans to conduct a global business restructuring, dividing the company into two when a project is given. Amcor said that the company will continue to retain its independent plastic business unit and integrate other units to establish a new company

it is reported that Amcor made major business adjustments because it terminated its cooperation with Australian packaging and distribution company (AAPD). AAPD will also be listed as an independent company at the end of the year. Since then, AAPD will be responsible for the fiber, glass and canned beverage packaging business in Australia and New Zealand, while Amcor will focus on the tight supply packaging business in Australia and North America. The reason for the termination of the cooperation between the two sides is that Amcor's soft and hard plastic packaging business is too strong, which limits the development space of AAPD

Amcor spokesperson said that after the termination of cooperation with AAPD, the thermosetting molding board division of the company made major adjustments to its business units and further clarified its development goals and strategic deployment for next year. In the next few years, the company will focus on soft and hard plastic packaging and tobacco packaging

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