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The national launch of high-performance SUV tires HTS is synchronous.

the 2011 large-scale crossing event of global off-road tire master "walking without borders" held a grand closing ceremony of "off-road driving love" in Chengdu today, and released the third heavyweight new product of this year, high-performance SUV tires HTS, which is another major measure for GUPT to continue to consolidate and deeply explore China's rapidly developing off-road and 4WD tire segment. Senior executives from China, dealers, retailers, media and partners across the country participated in the event

the fourth season of walking without borders "Siyuan trip" ended smoothly

the fourth season of "walking without borders" of GUPT - Siyuan trip has ended successfully today. Walking without borders is a long-distance crossing project built by GUPT tire for three consecutive years. While emphasizing off-road, it constantly reflects GUPT's efforts and persistence in public welfare undertakings. From GuBo's first trip to boundless territory in 2008, the flying song of the earth in 2009, the story of the border town in 2010, to the fourth quarter of this year's journey to explore the source of mother river - Siyuan, we pay attention to different social topics every year, and perfectly combine public welfare and cross-country culture

this activity consists of 3 auxiliary lines and Chengdu main line. The auxiliary lines of the three stations reach the mother river at the estuary of the Yangtze River, the Yellow River and the Pearl River respectively, collect the mother river, and finally use it to irrigate the tree of thinking of the source, implying that life will continue to grow under the flow of the mother river

the Chengdu main line activity was organized by the elite off-road team organized by GUPT tire, which started from Chengdu, Sichuan, and went straight to the destination Sanjiangyuan, Qinghai, for 7 days. On the way, GUPT's off-road products met the test of highways, asphalt roads, Panshan roads, gravel and other complex road sections, and successfully ended in Chengdu a few days ago

the mechanical properties of the participants in this activity have greatly changed it. The off-road owner said, "the long-distance crossing activity like walking boundless is the most severe test for tire products, and we have witnessed the excellent performance of GUPT tires. This activity of GUPT is not only a valuable off-road experience for off-road enthusiasts, but also gives us the opportunity to contribute to the public welfare."

discovererhts, a high-performance SUV tire, was launched synchronously.

as the third new tire launched by goodpower in 2011, goodpower discovererhts was also officially launched at the launch dinner on the same day. Discovererhts is a high-performance tire specially launched by Cooper for medium and high-end urban SUVs, which provides comfortable and quiet driving experience for riders living in cities, and brings more top-level grip and handling. In addition, various models of speed levels such as H (maximum speed 210km/h), V (maximum speed 240km/h) and w (maximum speed 270km/h) can be selected

discovererhts uses internal locking geometric three-dimensional dimpled groove construction materials and products to provide greater stability, width and edge grip. The asymmetric pattern matching flow is adopted. In recent years, the linear straight wide groove design has brought good drainage performance and urban road trafficability; With silicone formula, it is not far away from changing the wheel to use UD belt. The handling performance of the tire in the wetland is more excellent

discovererhts is a highly balanced work of handling and comfort

dealers and media friends who participated in the experience of "elite urban off-road driving" also said that they had fully experienced the handling and comfort of HTS products after emergency line change test, mute test, emergency braking test and wet road driving test

accelerating its entry into China's off-road and 4WD tire market

the perfect conclusion of the boundless journey and the synchronous listing of high-performance SUV tire HTS also mean that GUPT continues to consolidate and dig deeper into China's rapidly developing "off-road and 4WD tire segment" strategy to go further. From the new brand positioning of "global tire replacement expert" to "global off-road tire master", Cooper has established an increasingly clear brand positioning and characteristics in China

with the rapid development of China's off-road and 4WD vehicle market in recent years, the sales volume of China's off-road vehicles has accounted for 11% of the sales volume of passenger vehicles. The industry expects that this proportion will have more room for growth in the future, which also drives the rapid development of the off-road and 4WD tire market. With its four-wheel drive and off-road products that have been highly praised in the Chinese market for many years, GUPT tire, which has always had a good reputation in the eyes of users, has taken the opportunity to accelerate its entry into this segment

Yang Xun, deputy general manager of China of GUPT tire, said that GUPT will continue to accelerate the launch of new off-road and 4WD tires of more types and sizes in the future, further enrich and consolidate GUPT's off-road and 4WD tire product lines, so as to consolidate the advantages and position of GUPT in this market segment, and then gradually promote high-performance tire products with the same strength of GUPT

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