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Five Yijian packaging and printing bases in Shishi, Fujian Province recently learned from relevant departments in Shishi City, Fujian Province that the local government is currently planning to build a printing and packaging industrial base. The base plans to invest 500 million yuan to build a printing industrial park with complete supporting facilities, including industrial standard workshops, equipment and materials display and trading center, product R & D and business center, logistics warehousing and distribution center, and living service area. The whole base strives to be basically completed and put into operation in 2009, with a new output value of 400million yuan

according to the plan, Shishi City plans to increase 100 packaging and printing enterprises of all kinds by 2010, so that the oxygen index of ABS in the city is 18.2, and the total number of packaging and printing enterprises reaches more than 260; It is planned to achieve a total output value of more than 2.5 billion yuan, an increase of 900million yuan over the current estimate, with an annual growth rate of 11%, and form a high-tech packaging and printing production base radiating inside and outside the province

in recent years, Shishi packaging and printing industry has shown a trend of continuous development and rapid expansion of scale. The whole industry has a number of advanced packaging and printing equipment in Germany, Japan and other countries. The technical level of backbone enterprises is at the leading level in the same industry in the province. Many products have been adopted by the world-renowned multinational enterprises such as Wal mart with great development space in the Chinese market. (Wang Guangying)

source: China's economy

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