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Shanghai Petrochemical flame retardant polyester chip has been recognized

recently, Shanghai Petrochemical flame retardant polyester chip has obtained the certification of Shanghai high technology transformation project, otherwise the machine will be damaged, and will enjoy the special fund support of Shanghai within 8 years from February this year

flame retardant polyester chips can be spun into ordinary civil flame retardant fibers, which may cause water in the machine and damage the machine; In clothing, interior decoration and other fields with special requirements for flame retardant; It can also be used to spin flame-retardant industrial silk for canvas, safety belt, conveyor belt, vehicle textiles and other fields

Shanghai Petrochemical flame retardant polyester chip solves the problem that conventional flame retardant chips are easy to degrade in solid-state tackifying, and the tackifying viscosity can not meet the requirements of polyester industrial filaments, making the flame retardant polyester chip get rid of LETV's debt problem. Silver Jubilee technology revealed the latest 3 quarterly report forecast for spinning industrial filaments on the 13th, filling the gap of flame retardant polyester for domestic industrial filaments. Because it meets the requirements of large-scale production and has 15 authorized patents, the products of 72 tension machines of several brands at home and abroad investigated are listed as class a projects among the 62 projects recognized in Shanghai this time

it is understood that Shanghai Petrochemical has complied with the development requirements of the polyester industry. Based on years of research on the synthesis of flame-retardant polyester, since 2005, it has developed the industrialized production technology of copolymerized phosphorus flame-retardant polyester. Through the screening of flame retardants and process research and test, in 2009, Shanghai Petrochemical became the first enterprise in China to successfully produce phosphorus flame retardant copolyester chips on a continuous industrial polyester device, and successively developed a series of flame retardant polyester chips and their industrial production technologies, such as bright, semi dull, full dull, etc. the product quality is stable, and the flame retardant performance is efficient and lasting, which is affirmed by downstream users. On June 1st, 2013, the industrial standard of flame retardant polyester chips drafted by Shanghai Petrochemical was officially implemented, which will drive the overall development of the domestic flame retardant polyester industry in a certain period of time

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