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Five sy485h "married" Sany new mine excavators were officially put into the market

five sy485h "married" Sany new mine excavators were officially put into the market

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"sy485h is like a 'daughter' carefully cultivated by Sany Heavy machinery. Today's' daughter 'is going to be married, and I sincerely wish her a better life with customers." On May 28, Yu Hongfu, chairman of Sany Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd., and the leaders of Sany Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd., together with customers and agents from all over the country, witnessed the departure ceremony of Sany Heavy Machinery sy485h. This is Sany Heavy Machinery's first answer sheet in response to the national green industry and energy conservation and environmental protection of construction machinery. At the same time, it is also Sany Heavy Machinery's new generation of mining type large tonnage excavators officially put into the market

sy485h departure

4. The strongest team took three years to build

as the landmark new machine of Sany excavation. Sy485h was developed, tested and continuously improved by a special research and development team of more than 30 people established by the company for three years. The team includes 2 people in the "national thousand talents plan", cosmetics, 3 specially hired foreign experts, and more than 10 senior engineers

caodonghui, head of Sany Heavy Machinery global R & D center, is the leader of the project team. He said that sy485h is positioned in the mine market and customized for the special needs of customers. It has the characteristics of "high reliability, high heavy load operation capacity and low fuel consumption"

at the same time, the equipment also has four "domestic first" technical highlights, that is, the first excavator with fuel self filtration system, the first excavator with national third emission engine, the first excavator with independent oil dispersion, and the first excavator with a structural component life of more than 10000 hours

in order to solve the problem of uneven quality of diesel used in domestic mines. Sany sy485h excavator has created a fuel tank self filtration system and a high-precision fuel three-stage filtration system, which ensure that the fuel cleanliness entering the system meets the requirements of the national three emission engine. At the same time, the sy485h, which is equipped with a high-power national III emission engine, reserves high power and torque to meet the requirements of high-load operation of Mines under the condition of meeting the upgrading requirements of domestic emission standards. In addition, sy485h, which is equipped with an independent hydraulic oil cooling system, greatly improves the heat dissipation capacity of hydraulic oil and effectively ensures the service performance of the machine and the service life of the hydraulic system

exceed the industry average by 30%

sy485h has the control system and core parts with Sany's independent intellectual property rights. It also adopts the latest "h-10" new shape, with a powerful, robust and concise appearance. All indicators have reached the industry-leading level, which can be called the "peak representative" of domestic machines of the same tonnage

it is revealed that sy485h has passed the test of the industry's extremely rigorous test system. Among them, the technology of "overall CAE analysis of structural members", which is the first in China, is applied to structural members. In the stage of stress measurement, the layout of excavator stress test points is higher than 700, which is 30% higher than the industry standard. The field excavation durability test under rock conditions in the mine lasted for 2 years to ensure that the equipment can be free of corrosive media, obvious seismic sources and electromagnetic interference. In the most severe working conditions, the service life of structural members is increased by 20%; The component durability test covers the core components of the excavator, and the service life of hydraulic components, covers, engines, radiators and other components exceeds the industry average by 30%

nearly perfect experiments and big data are the source of confidence for sy485h to go to the market and conquer mines. Sany Heavy Machinery hopes that large tonnage mining excavators can bring high-quality life to customers and inject fresh blood and vitality into the construction machinery excavator sector

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