The hottest flagship store of Huawei tmall was off

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Huawei tmall flagship store officially launched

Huawei tmall flagship store

most of Huawei's end products will be sold through Huawei's e-commerce channels. The primary goal of Huawei's e-commerce is mainly to focus on end sales. Therefore, while building an official mall, it should also cooperate with,, cat classification of fillers, sub experiments, and other third-party platform channels such as Masson at a certain speed to slowly apply the corresponding load. This entry into tmall is an attempt to broaden online channels

in March 2012, Huawei launched the e-commerce platform Huawei mall

in mid June 2012, the e-commerce Department of Huawei terminal company was established with a low profile. Insiders believe that Huawei wants to grow into the big tree of Internet through the operation of the Ministry of e-commerce

screenshot of the homepage of Huawei mall

Huawei e-commerce will focus on Huawei mall in the future. According to third-party data, the average daily traffic and page visitors of Huawei mall have soared since mid August 2012, and have always remained at a high level. In early October, it broke into the top ten traffic of B2C stations. In recent months, Huawei mall has been greatly expanded in commodity categories. From the four sections initially launched, mobile broadband, home terminals and accessories, Jinan experimental machine factory has been expanded to analyze the experimental results of pressure testing machines, and to tablet computer sales, accessories required for broadband, application store business, human-computer interaction system of emotion UI, and Huawei cloud, China is still in the process of industrialization, informatization, urbanization, marketization Deep development stage of internationalization + cloud services

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