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Class questions posed by Pat Kane and Darren McGarvey are food for thought - Today News Post Today News || UK News

I DIDN’T know anything about Darren McGarvey until ITackling car thefts is o?bought Poverty Safari on publication more than two years ago, and have only read a few pieces by/about him since. But thencovid_19_vaccination_in_south_africa, McGarvey was really only a way to draw folks into Pat Kane’s piece on Saturday (What are the true factors we depend on when it comes to our class statusThe heads of top Swiss universities and o?, January 30). I read it with interest, as it deals with a subject which this auld trained Marxist has sometimes considered; how to define classpolicing unit specifically dedicated to fightin.

I was sent to an Embra fee-paying school, and as a socialist by the age of 15, had the only bitter fight with my mum about the school. She won; I remained. As she was from a solidly working-class family, spending formative years in Paisley and south-west Glasgow in the depths of the 1930s Depression, I became the first in her family ever to graduate.

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