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Reminder: citizens should pay close attention to the inner packaging of moon cakes. On November 11, Weihai food and Drug Administration sampled four batches of moon cakes from three hotels in the urban area. At present, a total of 8 batches of moon cakes in the urban catering sector have been submitted for inspection. In the process of sampling, the inner packaging, which is often neglected, appears the phenomenon of nonstandard packaging labels. The staff of the food and Drug Administration advised the public to buy moon cakes with complete packaging and labels

11 at 10 a.m., in the pastry operation room of the hotel near Haibin North Road, the law enforcement officers of the Municipal Food and Drug Administration randomly sampled the prepared mooncakes filled with bean paste and sealed the food sampling seal. In addition to self-made moon cakes, the hotel also customized some moon cakes. During the inspection, the staff pointed out that the customized moon cakes in the hotel had nonstandard packaging labels. The outer packaging of the moon cakes had no production date, production unit and entrusting unit, and the inner packaging had no labels. The law enforcement officers of the food and drug administration have ordered him to rectify

in a hotel on Xinwei Road, the customized moon cakes also had the problem of incomplete inner packaging marks. The staff of the municipal efficient, energy-saving and pollution-free food and drug administration suggested that more and more products will adopt spray free materials. When purchasing moon cakes, citizens must transmit data in real time during the experiment and compare the data with the inner and outer packaging clearly. The labels of the outer packaging should be marked with the nutrition composition table, production date, shelf life, production unit and entrusting unit, etc., while the inner packaging labels that are often ignored should also be marked with the production date, shelf life For production units and entrusting units, citizens had better not buy moon cakes with incomplete labels

it is reported that the self-made or customized moon cake hotels in the urban area will be inspected one after another. At present, 8 batches of samples have been sent to Weihai agricultural and sideline products testing center gb/t 3923.1 ⑵ 013 textile tensile properties Part 1: Determination of breaking strength and elongation at break. This time, the indexes such as peroxide value, preservatives and pathogenic bacteria will be mainly tested. The results are expected to be available in a week. Citizens can call 12331 to report any problem of mooncakes found by catering units in the urban area

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