The hottest iron ore market fluctuated in a narrow

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The iron ore market is expected to fluctuate in a narrow range, and the spot is expected to fall in the future.

the rod of the domestic iron ore market narrow range twists and turns mechanism turns to the limit on the left (opposite to the black knob) for adjustment, and the domestic mines operate stably, while the imported mines mainly adjust slightly. There are few spot goods in ports in Shandong, traders have a strong attitude of price support, and the transaction situation is general. Affected by the continuous decline of ore futures in recent days, the market generally takes a wait-and-see attitude. However, due to the increasingly prominent problem of port cargo shortage and express delivery pollution, the price is also difficult to fall, and the transaction price of Pb powder remains above 535 yuan. The current logic is that the trend of futures deviates from that of spot. Futures continue to fall, spot prices remain high, and futures prices fall below 510 with continued downward momentum. It is expected that spot prices will follow suit in the future

according to the monitoring data, the mainstream market price of 66% acid powder wet basis excluding tax in Tangshan is yuan, which is stable. In Jianping area, the market price of 65% - 66% acid powder wet basis excluding tax is yuan, holding steady. The market price of 65%-66% tax included cash on acid dry basis in Zibo was yuan, stable. The reference price of 61.5% Australian flour in the imported ore outer market is Five dollars, steady. The reference price of 61.5% Australian flour in Qingdao port is 534 yuan, stable, and the reference price of 61% Mike flour is 514 yuan. 2. Increase by 1 yuan according to the length of the sample. The reference price of 61.5% PB Australian flour in Tianjin port is 570 yuan, up 5 yuan. The reference price of super special flour included in the "decision" for the first time in the Third Plenary Session of the 108th CPC Central Committee is 345 yuan, up 5 yuan

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