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"Iron cattle" are everywhere, and there is a rush to a well-off society - our city has basically achieved the full mechanization of the production of major crops

the number nine is coming to an end

now is the time for spring ploughing. Nine and nine plus one and nine, cattle are everywhere

however, in Bozhou, a major agricultural city, the once prosperous situation of cattle everywhere is no longer. Instead, there are iron Eagles spraying pesticides all over the sky and iron oxen working hard everywhere

in recent years, our city has vigorously promoted the whole process mechanization of agricultural production, and is the only provincial city in China that has basically achieved the full coverage of the whole process mechanization of major crop production demonstration counties and districts

the realization of the whole process mechanization of major crop production has liberated rural productivity and promoted rural revitalization. Pictures of farmers running towards a well-off life in an iron Ox are slowly opening in the spring of Bozhou

the Iron Eagle in the sky flies to the ground, and the iron ox walks on the ground.

spring returns to the earth, everything recovers, and wheat enters the green period, which is a good time to eliminate insects and weeds. On the morning of February 26, in Liuji village, zhaoqiao Township, Qiaocheng District, agricultural machinery operators at the plant protection station of Jiaokui agricultural machinery professional cooperative were operating small agricultural aircraft to spray pesticides on wheat

at present, Jiaokui agricultural machinery professional cooperative has more than 800 agricultural machinery workers, 380 combine harvesters, 260 large tractors, and more than 800 supporting machines and tools. It has been successively awarded the national, provincial, and municipal demonstration professional cooperative. Our current agricultural services cover the whole links of agricultural production, such as cultivated land, sowing, plant protection, irrigation, harvesting, transportation, straw treatment, etc. Jiao Kui, head of Jiaokui agricultural machinery professional cooperative, said

in order to vigorously develop agricultural machinery cooperatives and improve the level of agricultural intensification, our city issued the "opinions of Bozhou City on local agricultural machinery superposition subsidies in 2016". On the basis of national subsidy funds, the municipal and county governments will subsidize 15% of the sales price of agricultural machinery and tools, guide farmers to purchase advanced and applicable large machinery, and improve the ownership of agricultural machinery

at present, the city has 34000 large and medium-sized tractors, 36000 combine harvesters, 14000 straw crushing and returning machines, 2525 straw picking and bundling machines. The ratio of large and medium-sized agricultural machinery to small agricultural machinery is 1:2.06, and the comprehensive mechanization rate of crop cultivation and harvest is 92%, ranking first in the Province, 17 percentage points higher than the provincial average level and 26 percentage points higher than the national average level. The production of main crops has basically realized the whole process mechanization, among which the comprehensive mechanization rate of wheat and soybean cultivation and harvest has reached 100%, and the comprehensive mechanization rate of corn cultivation and harvest has reached 95.5%

where do you put so many agricultural machinery during the slack season

since 2017, the city has implemented the construction of hangar shed project. The municipal and county finance has invested 40million yuan, driving social investment of more than 20 million yuan. The city has built 300 standardized hangar sheds to solve the housing problem of agricultural machinery. It not only facilitates the storage of machinery, but also facilitates the maintenance and repair, and reduces the damage and aging degree of machinery. Jiao Kui said

Recently, the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas announced the list of the third batch of demonstration counties (cities, districts) that took the lead in basically realizing the whole process mechanization of major crop production. Qiaocheng district and Lixin County of our city were selected. Together with Mengcheng County and Woyang county that have been selected, our City has become the only provincial-level city in China that basically realizes the full coverage of the whole process mechanization of major crop production demonstration counties and districts

in the future, who will farm the whole process of mechanization

in recent years, because a large number of young and middle-aged workers in rural areas go out to work, who will farm the land and who can plant the land well has become a practical problem, which restricts agricultural development

the whole process mechanization of main crop production provides an answer to this problem

since 2017, the city has fully implemented the trusteeship service of agricultural machinery operations throughout the city, fundamentally solving the problems of farming, planting and harvesting of the masses

Li Hongqi, a farmer in zhaoqiao Township, Qiaocheng District, tasted the sweetness of land trusteeship. In the past, it was necessary to call home the labor force from other places during the afternoon collection, which not only wasted time, but also wasted the round-trip travel expenses. Now, one agreement can solve the problem of farming, planting and harvesting more than 10 mu of wheat at home. Li Hongqi said

after land trusteeship, farmers' land planting costs have also been reduced. According to statistics, based on the cost saving and efficiency increasing of 20 yuan per mu of farmers per quarter, wheat alone in the city can directly increase farmers' income by 128million yuan; At the same time, during the busy farming season, nearly 400000 migrant workers return home every year in the city. According to the round-trip transportation cost of 400 yuan/person, 160million yuan can be saved

land trusteeship also improves the efficiency of afternoon harvest, realizing continuous operation and promotion of the whole village. Taking the afternoon harvest in 2018 as an example, the harvest rate of major crops in the city has completed more than 90% in just three days

large-scale continuous operation of agricultural machinery, with fast harvest and fast planting, not only farmers benefit, but also Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives seize the market opportunity in the competition. Sun Qiang, deputy director of the Municipal Bureau of agricultural machinery, said

promote production increase and income, help rural revitalization

with the effective support of the whole process mechanization of major crops, our city has led the province in agricultural production for many years, and took the lead in creating a city with a yield of 1000 Jin of wheat per mu in the province. In 2018, the added value of the city's primary industry was 21.04 billion yuan, an increase of 3.8%, 0.6 percentage points higher than that of the province; The per capita disposable income of rural permanent residents was 12756 yuan, a year-on-year increase of 10.1%, 0.4 percentage points higher than the provincial average. The mechanization of agricultural production in the whole process has promoted the increase of agricultural production and farmers' income, and laid a solid material foundation for the revitalization of rural areas

at the same time, the whole process mechanization of agricultural production has also promoted the construction of beautiful villages. Through the construction of agricultural machinery shed, the problem of agricultural machinery disorderly stopping and placing has been solved, and the countryside has been beautified; Through the trusteeship of agricultural machinery operations, new breakthroughs have been made in the prohibition of straw burning, the goal of zero fire point has been achieved, and it is also easy to realize the popularization of the five modernizations of straw. The comprehensive utilization rate of straw has increased year by year, effectively protecting the ecological environment

sun Qiang said that our city will continue to promote agricultural machinery purchase subsidies and improve the ownership of agricultural machinery. At the same time, relying on agricultural machinery professional cooperatives, we will establish 30 large-scale integrated agricultural service centers to further improve the mechanization rate of the whole process of major crop production

the further increase and optimization of the number and structure of agricultural machinery and equipment will eventually be transformed into a powerful force for rural revitalization, beautiful rural construction, modern agriculture to improve quality and efficiency, and farmers' income, making farmers' road to a well-off society more and more broad. Sun Qiang said. (Wu Jing, Wei Jun)

move the flower tea to the left and the jewelry closer to it. Recently, a staff member of an e-commerce enterprise settled in Bozhou youth maker space is taking photos of the new products to be launched on the platform

for our small enterprises that have just started, the entrepreneurial platform built for young entrepreneurs in the city can enjoy many preferential policies, such as rent free, entrepreneurial discount, technical consulting, etc., and we can free up more funds and energy for product research and development and promotion. The person in charge of this enterprise told me

Bozhou young maker space is an entrepreneurial platform specially built for young entrepreneurs in our city. As long as they have entrepreneurial dreams and entrepreneurial intentions, they can enter the platform. Zhou Chengwen, head of Bozhou young maker space, said that entrepreneurs can enjoy the technical services, entrepreneurial guidance, agency services provided by the government, as well as preferential policies such as rent reduction, entrepreneurial loan discount, cloud service subsidies and incentives, intermediary service subsidies, etc

Zhou Chengwen introduced that in recent years, Bozhou young maker space has optimized the resource allocation of entrepreneurial elements, improved the entrepreneurial incubation system, and achieved data-based and visual analysis of settled enterprises with the help of cloud incubation platforms

up to now, Bozhou youth maker space has incubated 216 enterprises in total, of which 71 were newly established last year. In terms of incubation and cultivation, there are 3 enterprises with sales revenue of more than 10million yuan and 5 enterprises with sales revenue of more than 5million yuan. The enterprises that have been successfully incubated have led to 1158 jobs, and the total output value of incubation projects is 1.28 billion yuan

in order to help entrepreneurship and innovation, our city vigorously promotes the construction of entrepreneurship and innovation platforms. Bozhou youth maker space, Bozhou zhumeng community and other entrepreneurship and innovation platforms, in addition to providing various preferential policies for entrepreneurs, also provide nanny services such as project development, risk assessment, tracking and support, helping more young people to participate in the tide of entrepreneurship and innovation. (Chen Lu)

Xinhua News Agency Zhao Chao, Liu Zheng, Wang Min

spring returns to the earth, and the grand event is about to start

In 2019, the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China and the key year to build a moderately prosperous society in all respects

at this time, deputies to the National People's Congress and members of the National Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference gathered in Beijing to discuss the country's interests, the general plan and development. p>

create new glory for the development of the motherland

time is speechless, but it can write a magnificent history

SHEN Jilan, the only deputy to the National People's Congress who has been reelected for 13 consecutive terms, has attended all previous National People's congresses since 1954. Nearly 90 years old, the old man still does not forget that a representative's initial heart is Vickers hardness (HV)

this year, I want to talk about the construction of beautiful villages at the meeting, and suggest the state to increase support to better beautify the rural environment and hardware facilities. Shen Jilan said

recalling the past, in the 1950s and 1960s, she focused on how to grow good grain and pay more public grain at the National People's Congress. After the reform and opening up, Shen Jilan was concerned about the development of township enterprises. He often talked about whether there was business or wealth, and led the villagers in Xigou village, Pingshun County, Shanxi Province to attract investment and open factories

at present, Xigou village has accelerated its transformation and development after the 18th CPC National Congress. The village shut down polluting enterprises such as ferroalloy plant and magnetic steel plant, and built 40 mushroom greenhouses on the original site of ferroalloy plant to develop ecological agriculture. Last year, the collective income of the village exceeded 2million yuan. This year, the village is developing 10 tourism projects such as agritainment and picking garden, and the Xigou exhibition hall is also being upgraded

never dreamed in the past that a moderately prosperous society in all respects was about to be achieved. Earth shaking changes are the result of the hard work of the people under the leadership of the Communist Party! Shen Jilan, who has experienced both old and new societies, has deep feelings: the Communist Party is the backbone of the country for the people; The people contain great strength, which should be fully mobilized

the two sessions are major events in China's political life. Under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, they reflect the will of the people, gather forces from all walks of life, and translate the party's propositions into the will of the state through legal procedures. Xin Ming, a professor at the Central Party school, pointed out

in the view of Bai Xuefeng, deputy to the National People's Congress, Secretary of the Party committee and general manager of PetroChina Liaoyang Petrochemical, development is always achieved through continuous breakthroughs

in Liaoyang Petrochemical exhibition hall, there is a chemical fiber product called polyester staple, which was the Dacron raw material that once led the fashion of Chinese clothes

such primary raw materials could only be imported at first. It was not until our enterprise introduced equipment in the 1970s to produce the first batch of fiber raw materials woven into polyester cotton fine cloth that domestic dacron was born. Bai Xuefeng said

things turn into stars, and new demands give birth to new products. PETG copolyester is known as the Pearl on the crown of polyester materials. In 2017, Liaoyang Petrochemical tenaciously tackled key problems, broke foreign monopolies, and became the first domestic and the third global manufacturer of stable mass production of PETG copolyester. Its products are used to meet people's increasingly high safety requirements for baby bottles, cosmetic bottles, etc

Bai Xuefeng believes that achieving major technological breakthroughs in key areas will become

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