The hottest man in his 60s was fired by the carton

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In his 60s, the man was "fired" by the carton factory and set fire to revenge

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core tip: [China Packaging News] there are many doubts. Is it an acquaintance who committed the crime? Due to the theft of the display and chassis, the police judged that this was not a simple fire case, but should be the environment of the monitoring room, which can be widely used in many fields

due to the theft of the display and chassis, the police judged that this was not a simple fire case, and that it should be a person familiar with the environment of the monitoring room whose thermal insulation performance was better than that of the polystyrene foam control room, and it was found after the investigation of the police of the Criminal Police Brigade, There are two ignition points on fire at the scene of the fire! Obviously, this can't be an accidental fire. What makes people more convinced is that the reason why the familiar person committed the crime is that the yard guard dog didn't bark at night. This dog will shout when there is noise in the yard at night. Obviously, the yard guard dog is very familiar with this person

the hard disk in the chassis became the key to solving the case

because the enterprise was located in the gully, there was no other monitoring nearby to access. Through visiting the nearby villagers, no valuable clues were found, and the police handling the case were busy until the second half of the night without success. In the early morning of the next day, the police came to the scene of the crime again. Although the number of monitors and boxes fell sharply in October, the target was too large. The police speculated that the suspect would abandon the boxes and monitors nearby. Following this speculation, the police conducted an all-round search around the empty houses, woods, grass and rivers around the scene of the crime. After several hours of search, the careful police found a black line hanging on the bottom of the nearby bridge, Take a closer look, it's a mouse line! After taking protective measures, the police went down the river to look for it, and finally picked up the chassis and display at the bottom of the river

multi police cooperation to restore the truth

through the examination of the video content in the hard disk, we can see at a glance how the suspect entered the carton factory. Although the suspect wore a mask, through the careful identification of the enterprise boss, it was confirmed that the suspect was Li, who had worked in the carton factory. Through the above connection, it was found that the suspect sent all the theft cases in Guanyinge not long ago. On August 28, when looking for the suspect to sign at Guanyinge police station, the criminal police resolutely attacked and arrested him

arson retaliation, the enterprise suffered heavy losses

in the face of a large amount of evidence, Mr. Li confessed to his illegal act of arson. It is understood that Mr. Li, a 64 year old man, worked as a watchman in the enterprise. After working for a period of time, he did not reach an agreement with the enterprise due to the salary problem. Later, Mr. Li proposed to resign. After resigning and returning home, Mr. Li still felt that the enterprise treated him badly, harboured a grudge, and was bent on revenge, Finally, on August 24, Mr. Li, who was familiar with the enterprise environment, sneaked into the hospital, first destroyed the monitoring, then used a lighter, opened the cab of the trailer, lit the seat, lit the paper shell in a room in the yard and ran away

after price appraisal, the value of a Dongfeng brand trailer and items in the room ignited by the arson totaled more than 890000 yuan. At present, the suspect Li has been investigated by Benxi county public security bureau. Different industries are expanding their fields, and the team is under criminal detention according to law

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