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Manhumer with improved construction machinery products appeared in Bauma China 2010, emphasizing the commitment to local customers

manhumer with improved construction machinery products appeared in Bauma China 2010, emphasizing the commitment to local customers

China Construction machinery information

Guide: on November 23, 2010, Shanghai held the China International Construction machinery, building materials machinery At Bauma China 2010, mahumer will comprehensively display leading filtration technologies and products applicable to the field of construction machinery, including air

November 23rd, 2010, Shanghai -- at the Bauma China 2010, held from November 23rd to 26th, 2010, mahumer will comprehensively display leading filtration technologies and products in the mechanical field applicable to engineering twists: maximum force, twists strength, deflection, elastic modulus, etc., including air purifiers, prefilters, crankshaft ventilation box systems, liquid filters Oil gas separator, oil centrifuge, etc. Among them, preline 421 pre filter and provent 150 crankshaft ventilation box system are two products specially developed by manhumer for the Chinese market. Preline 421 pre filter can better meet the needs of customers in extreme weather conditions. Provent 150 crankshaft ventilation box system has high durability and economy, which meets the needs of the Chinese market

Mr. Patrick Cudmore, vice president and CEO of mahumer group in Asia Pacific region, said: "Over the past ten years, mahumer has been committed to implementing the localization strategy in the Chinese market, expanding the market with high-quality products and services, and actively developing various applicable new products according to the needs of local customers. With the gradual expansion of mahumer's business scope in the Chinese market, we will continue to strengthen the localization strategy to meet the needs of the Chinese construction machinery market and local customers for high-quality products and excellent services."

entron air purifier

preline 421 prefilter and provent150 crankshaft ventilation box system are all under the overall responsibility of mahumer China team. The first batch of production was carried out in China, which has been incorporated into mahumer's global procurement system and has been promoted to the global market

preline 421 prefilter is developed to meet the needs of Chinese customers in extreme weather conditions. It uses an all metal shell, and the lowest applicable temperature is -40 ℃. It is very suitable for cold and high temperature areas. Due to the use of the new filter material multigrade independently developed by manhumer, preline 421 has good oil-water separation function and impurity separation efficiency. The maximum water separation efficiency can reach 99%, and the maximum particle filtration efficiency can reach 95%. Preline 421 with multigrade can also extend the service life of fine filtration, making it very suitable for the construction environment with too many dust particles in the field of construction machinery

provent150 crankshaft ventilation box system is a high durability and economic solution with integrated oil-gas separation function. It is designed for the latest generation of turbocharged engines and has been tested on various vehicle engines. By using coalescence separator to separate the oil mist from the blowby gas, provent150 reduces the residual oil content to the minimum, which can greatly improve the oil consumption index, so that it will not have an adverse impact on the environment and system, and can meet the future needs and environmental protection requirements of customers. In addition, provent150 has great flexibility in installation, which can be installed on the engine or in the engine compartment

in addition to preline 421, which adopts a mobile oven to provide the energy required for curing, the prefilter and the provent 150 crankshaft ventilation box system, manhumer also highlighted the entry series air purifier and iqoron filter assembly

entaron series air purifier is specially developed by manhumer for engineering machinery, agricultural machinery and mobile compressors. It is a "perfect solution" for performance parameters. It shows very high performance in some of the most important air purifier parameters, such as installation space, separation efficiency, service life, flexibility, maintainability, economy and so on. The rated flow of ENTRON ranges from 2 to 60 cubic meters per minute. It is durable and suitable for applications that require high dust capacity and shock resistance of filters

The iqoron filter assembly is the latest intelligent integrated solution launched by manhumel for the industrial field. It is mainly used in the construction machinery industry that requires small-size, high filtration efficiency and long service life filters, such as skid steer loaders, tractors, micro excavators and micro rollers. Iqoron can provide high performance in a small installation space, and combines many small pre filters in a multi cyclone unit, with a pre separation rate of up to 95%, ensuring a longer service life of the filter

in addition, mahumer also showed products such as sintroc diesel particulate filter suitable for off-road applications and oil separator suitable for small engines at the exhibition

Mann only operates according to the usual practice. Hummel will wait for customers from the industry at booth e6733

about manhumer group

manhumer group is committed to developing and providing original supporting equipment for the international automotive industry and construction machinery industry. At present, mahumer group has 11800 employees in 41 regions around the world, and its turnover reached 1.67 billion euros in 2009. In the automotive industry, mahumer's products include multifunctional plastic air filtration system, intake manifold, which can directly replace the existing plywood system in the market, liquid filtration system, air conditioning filter and cylinder head cover, as well as filter elements for vehicle after-sales service and maintenance. In the fields of general engineering, processing engineering and industrial manufacturing, mahumer's product series includes industrial filters, series of products that can reduce carbon emissions from diesel engines, membrane filters for water treatment, filtration systems, and material treatment systems and equipment. For more information about manhumer, please visit and

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