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Men don't want to believe that the balance of the bank card is zero and smash the ATM after drinking.

after reading the balance in the card, the man actually swung a brick and smashed the ATM (video screenshot)

the ATM screen was smashed (video screenshot)

Qilu, March 17 (Cui Xiangyou, Jining, Rencheng, Wang Pengbo, Jining, Taiwan). He wants to see the balance in his bank card. It's convenient and fast to go to the bank ATM to self-service query. After checking, everyone leaves the bank, But in Jining, there was a man who went to the bank with the temperature rising in summer. The insulation material of ATM machine refers to the material or material complex used for building enclosure or thermal equipment, resistance to heat flow transmission, and inquired about the balance in the card. After reading the balance in the card, he swung a brick and smashed the ATM

according to the report of Shandong broadcast television public channel "yiyirensheng express", the monitoring image shows that the criminal suspect Lian left a bank in his jurisdiction and took his bank card to check his bank card balance. At that time, he should have forgotten the password. The password is stored in it. He inquired the password on his special machine and checked the balance again. Nowadays, it is more popular to combine high temperature, low temperature The humidity and heat of the test box is 1 body, and the cold and heat shock test box (machine) is zero. Maybe he didn't believe that the balance in his card was zero. The man immediately became restless and checked again and again until he finally confirmed that his card really had no money. The man made a frightening action. "He walked back and forth in the bank hall, muttering to himself, and finally found a brick. Then he picked up the brick and smashed it. Then he turned it twice and then picked up the brick and began to smash it at the screen of the ATM machine. He smashed it three times before and after." Yi People's police introduced, "after drinking and smashing the ATM machine, I still felt infected and spit at the machine for several minutes."

someone saw the man's abnormal action and immediately called the police. The Yi police who arrived quickly caught Lian who was preparing to escape. Later, Lian admitted that he made a fool of himself by drinking. "At that time, he thought that he had saved 10 yuan in the balance of his bank card. After only recognizing the oxygen index, he found that the balance was zero. At that time, he was irritable after drinking, so he began to smash the ATM machine, causing the screen of the ATM machine to be completely destroyed. Later, after the bank gave us a quotation, the loss of the bank reached 10000 350 yuan." Yi People's police said

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