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Manhumel iqoron VP 25 two-stage air filter unveiled Bauma

manhumel iqoron VP 25 two-stage air filter unveiled Bauma

Chinese engineering paper enterprises have developed two-stage air filters for heavy-duty off-road applications by extending mechanical information upstream and downstream

iqoron VP 25. It can flexibly adapt to the compact installation space, and the new high-performance filter element supports the compact design and prolongs the service life. Its rated flow is up to 25 m3/min

Ludwigsburg, April 13, 2016 - at Bauma 2016 in Munich, Germany, Mann Hummel showed off the two-stage air filter iqoron VP 25 suitable for compact installation space. Its target applications include engineering and agricultural machinery, cargo handling equipment, or other mechanical equipment suitable for severe dust loading environments. The rated flow of iqoron VP 25 is as high as 2. At the same time, it is also related to the safety of every staff. It is 5 m3/min, which further expands the existing iqoron series products. Manhumer has applied for many patents for this new advanced system

An important design feature of iqoron VP 25 is reflected in the new 10 ~ 72hr45t filter element, which adopts manhumel's innovative variopleat technology. The filter element is the key to the compact design of the whole system. In the new design concept of the housing of the air inlet, the air passage into the engine is far shorter than the traditional solution on the market. Therefore, iqoron VP 25 is very suitable for various compact installation spaces. In addition, the filter element has a huge filter surface and a very reasonable use and installation space, as well as a low pressure drop and high dust holding capacity

the efficiency of iqoron VP 25 multi swirl module has also been further improved. After dust ejection, the pre separation efficiency of iqoron VP 25 is more than 90%; The pre separation efficiency of iqoron VP 25 is slightly lower by using the dust discharge valve instead of the dust discharge ejector. Iqoron VP 25 can be installed vertically or horizontally. It provides various types of dirty air and clean air pipes, and supports a variety of installation methods. The robust design of the housing and filter element achieves high mechanical stability and temperature stability

the design of the side maintenance device and fastening system of iqoron VP 25 filtration system are very humanized. Optional accessories include a variety of sensors that can be adapted to the filter element

iqoron VP 25 can also be used as a single-stage air filter. In this application, the multi swirl module is replaced by the intake hood

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