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Henan men's self-produced fire retardant coating is sold and detained by criminal law

Henan men's self-produced fire retardant coating is sold and detained by criminal law

November 1, 2015

September 1, 2017 [China Post crack coating information] fire retardant coatings can be flame retardant, while fake and inferior products not only do not prevent fire, but also produce a large number of harmful gases and even combustion, causing building fires

in June this year, Some citizens said, "there seems to be a problem with the 'Huayi' and 'baosha' brand coatings I bought on the Internet. The regular coatings should not smoke people, but the recently purchased batch of fire-proof coatings smell wrong. Brushing the coatings on paper is not only non flame retardant, but Wu Kunyuan, chairman of Tongling Ambo circuit board Co., Ltd., said that the smoking is very uncomfortable..."

the police of the food and Drug Investigation Brigade of Tiexi Branch of Shenyang Public Security Bureau, according to the clues, It was found that a fire-proof material Co., Ltd. in Pingluo Town, Yuhong District, Shenyang, operated by Chai was suspected of producing fake fire-proof coatings

after several months of investigation and evidence collection, the police found that the paint produced by the company was counterfeit "Huayi", "Baoxia" and other brand fire-proof materials for sale on the Internet. In mid November, the police soldiers handling the case were divided into two ways, tracking the freight vehicles of the suspect Chai and a fire-proof materials Co., Ltd. operated by Chai, destroying the warehouse and production dens at one stroke, and investigating on the spot the fraudulent use of more than 600 barrels of fire-proof materials of "Huayi", "Baoxia" and other brands, and more than 1200 barrels of packaged empty barrels, with the amount involved worth more than 90000 yuan

suspect Chai, 39, from Shangshui County, Henan Province, knows how to make paint. He confessed to the fact that he produced and sold fire-proof materials of brands such as "Huayi" and "Baoxia"

after testing, the fake fire retardant coating produced by him was unqualified and there were potential safety hazards. According to Article 213 of the criminal law, Chai and others had been criminally detained by the police on suspicion of counterfeiting the internal test of the injection process control book trademark

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