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The application of yolico vector converter in villa elevator

the application of yolico general current vector converter

yd53p7 in villa elevator in Nanjing Cuiping international city

1. Preface

with the improvement of living conditions of domestic people, the requirements for housing are becoming higher and higher; In particular, those who will slow down the rotation of the motor to the desired rotation number and get rich first also begin to have higher demand for the quality of the villa. Therefore, in many newly developed high-end villa areas in China, more and more villas have been equipped with small elevators. The system described in this case is the villa elevator used on dozens of villas in Cuiping international city in Cuiping mountain, Nanjing

second, system overview

villa elevators generally do not exceed four floors, so the motor power generally does not exceed 3.7KW. However, like ordinary multi-storey and high-rise elevators, they are also equipped with elevator control system, leveling system, load compensation system, transmission system, door motor system, call system, etc., and their functions are almost the same as ordinary passenger elevators. However, considering the saving of floor space, villa elevators generally have no special control room, and the control cabinet and motor are installed next to the well, making the whole system compact in structure and stable and reliable in operation

III. system configuration

frequency converter: yd53p7-t4 general current vector frequency converter

power: 3.7KW; Voltage: 380VAC current: 8A control mode: PG vector control

pg card: 1024 wire

controller: Elevator special controller

speed regulation mode: 0~10v analog signal speed regulation

braking mode: built-in braking unit

braking resistance: 390w/150 Ω

IV. system diagram

the frequency converter is completely controlled by the elevator controller, and the forward and reverse starting signals and 0~10v analog frequency commands are provided by the controller, The status and alarm signals of the frequency converter are fed back to the controller, and the controller responds accordingly according to the signals of the frequency converter

the elevator must do self-learning test before formal operation. Only with accurate motor parameters, the frequency converter can work in the best state, and the elevator can run smoothly, comfortably and safely. During on-site commissioning, it was found that when self-learning was performed for the first time, the frequency converter would give an alarm, indicating that the motor was out of step when starting. This is because the first time the elevator reducer runs, the gear is not lubricated enough, resulting in large static resistance and large starting torque. Therefore, before the self-learning test, you should directly use v/f mode to move the elevator up and down several times at medium speed to fully lubricate the gearbox. Then do self-study and test run

after adjusting the leveling, finally adjust the comfort of the elevator. Adjust C2 group parameters appropriately to make the elevator run smoothly and comfortably

V, Parameter

parameter number parameter description setting value annotation

a language selection 1 Chinese

a parameter access level 4 advanced setting

a control mode selection 3 PG vector control

a parameter initialization 2 two-wire system initialization

b frequency command mode 1 control loop terminal (analog input)

b operation command selection 1 control loop terminal (sequence controller input)

b stop mode 0 deceleration stop

b reverse inhibit 0 reversible

b low frequency operation mode 3 zero speed operation

b terminal scanning time 1 2 times/5ms

b braking start frequency 0.2 hz

b start braking time 0.5 s

b stop braking time 0.3 s

b zero servo gain 30

b zero servo completion amplitude 10

c speed control (ASR) ratio p) gain 1 13

c integral of speed control (ASR) (I) Time 1 0.6

c speed control (ASR) proportional (P) gain 2 50

c speed control (ASR) integral (I) time 2 0.1

c speed control (ASR) primary delay time 0.004

c speed control (ASR) Switching frequency 0.6

upper limit of C carrier frequency 6 K

lower limit of C carrier frequency 1.5 K

D speed limit offset 15%

e input voltage setting 380 V

e motor selection 1

e v/f curve selection f

e maximum output frequency 50 Hz

e maximum voltage 380 V

e base frequency 50 Hz

e intermediate output frequency 3.0 Hz

e intermediate output voltage 11 v

e minimum output frequency 0 hz

e Minimum output frequency voltage 0 v

e motor rated current

e motor no-load current

f PG card parameter 1024

f PG line break detection action selection 1 free taxi stop

f over speed action selection 1 free taxi stop

f speed deviation is too large action selection 3 continue to run

f PG rotation direction 0 forward rotation A-phase advance

f PG frequency division ratio 2

h function selection F of terminal 8 Function selection of unused

h terminal 0 in operation

h terminal 25 function selection 1 zero speed

h terminal 26 function selection 2 frequency consistent

h terminal 13 signal level 0 0~10v

h terminal 13 input gain 100%

h terminal 13 input deviation -28%

h terminal 16 signal level 0~10v

h terminal 16 function selection 4 (1F)

h "China's foreign chemical investment is mainly the input gain of M & a transaction terminal 16 100%

input deviation of H terminal 16 0

function selection of H terminal 14 1F

delay time of H analog input 0.02

torque limit of L forward rotation electric side 250%

torque limit of L reverse rotation electric side 250%

torque limit of L forward rotation regeneration 250% 17. Overall dimension of the host (mm)

L torque limit in reverse regeneration 250%

VI. conclusion

yolico frequency converter has been widely used in various industries. In the elevator industry, it also shows excellent wrinkle free dynamic performance. The estimation of load makes the frequency converter respond to the fluctuation of load quickly, greatly improves the comfort of elevator operation, and makes the elevator stable, reliable and low noise

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