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Manhumer agreed to acquire tri

manhumer agreed to acquire tri dim filter company

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Ludwigsburg, Germany. In July 2018, manhumer announced that the company had signed a final agreement to determine that manhumer would acquire tri dim, an American air filtration company. Details of the transaction were not disclosed

Headquartered in Louisa, Virginia, USA, tri dim is the largest privately held air filtration company in North America. Tri dim has about 800 employees and provides a full range of HVAC filtration products and services, including air and liquid filtration, heating and air conditioning, clean room filtration, air purification equipment, gas phase filtration, air testing and repair

"the acquisition of tri dim shows that manhumer is committed to strengthening the development in the field of life science and environment (LS & E) and will continue to provide professional intelligent air and water filtration solutions." H å Kan Ekberg, global vice president of LS e business of manhumer, said, "tri dim's product portfolio, experienced employees, extensive layout and strong customer relations make it a perfect partner for us to further expand our solutions in the field of air and water filtration."

the acquisition of tri dim provides manhumer with more convenience and extensive growth opportunities to enter the air filtration market in the United States and Canada. Both companies have a deep historical background in the calibration procedure of metallographic microscope, and both pay attention to strengthening technical leadership and customer service

Ekberg added: "mahumer will continue to maintain the unique business model of tri dim, because this model highlights their 'customer-centric' business philosophy. Therefore, one of mahumer's core values is' customer first '. Tri dim's commitment to its customers is fully consistent with mahumer's value system, and we are very satisfied with the cooperative relationship between the two sides."


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manhumer is a leading filtration solution expert in the world, headquartered in Ludwigsburg, Germany, developing solutions for automotive, industrial, indoor air purification and sustainable utilization of water resources. At present, manhumer has more than 20000 employees in more than 80 regions around the world. 24. Sensors: sensors are important components for the accuracy and force stability of experimental machines. In 2017, the sales volume reached about 3.9 billion euros. Manhumer's products include air filtration systems, intake manifold systems, liquid filtration systems, plastic parts, filter media, air conditioning filters, industrial filters and membrane filters

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