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There is truth in the world - Luzhou meitushi donated money to the affected employees

there is truth in the world - Luzhou meitushi donated money to the affected employees

July 30, 2012

[China paint information] July 23 is an extraordinary day for Luzhou, a wine city in China, Sichuan Province. Affected by the torrential rain, Luzhou suffered the largest flood in history. In this sudden disaster, Luzhou Meitu ran put forward higher requirements for battery life and re calibrated the sensor to work normally. Zhang Xiaobo's home in Longmatan district was flooded. After learning this, Luzhou Meitu people made love donations to warm the affected employees with true feelings

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Luzhou suffered a catastrophic flood disaster

according to media reports, Luzhou suffered a catastrophic flood peak with a return period of 50 years on July 23. Affected by the continuous heavy rainfall in Jinsha River, Dadu River and other regions and the rainstorm in Luzhou City, Sichuan Province, Luzhou section of the upper reaches of the Yangtze River ushered in a flood peak on July 23, with the highest water level reaching 19.62 meters at 3 p.m, The peak water level is only 0.34 meters away from the once-in-a-century catastrophic flood in Luzhou in 1948. Armed police officers and soldiers and others have been involved in flood fighting and rescue, and more than 100000 people have been safely transferred throughout Luzhou city

the flood inundated the urban area of Luzhou, rising to the second floor of the urban area, and the original unobstructed roads, stairs, lawns, community gardens, etc. were engulfed in a vast ocean. The sadness of losing his home made Zhang Xiaobo, an employee of Luzhou meitushi frown: he was still working hard during the day, and a rainstorm made all the moments in his home disappear. "The originally peaceful and beautiful family was destroyed at once. What should we do now? Even the way back to our hometown is blocked."

Zhang Xiaobo is an ordinary driver of Luzhou meitushi. He has worked in Luzhou meitushi for 8 years. During the years when Master Zhang served as a driver, he did his job seriously. Such a diligent and good employee lost his home in the face of natural disasters

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Luzhou streets were engulfed by floods

in the face of the sudden disaster of 2. Touch key operation, Master Zhang Xiaobo was at a loss. With the help of Luzhou artists, he temporarily stayed at his colleagues' homes that night. After understanding the specific situation, general manager Lin Yingkui of Luzhou meitushi first solved the urgent need for Master Zhang, arranged Master Zhang to stay in his own home, and issued a love initiative, calling on employees to donate money for Master Zhang and offer a little bit of help for him to overcome this difficulty

all Luzhou artists showed great sympathy and concern for Master Zhang Xiaobo's experience, responded positively, and enthusiastically donated love money to master Zhang to send care to the affected colleagues. Master Zhang also hid the love of all Luzhou artists in his heart and turned it into silent work enthusiasm. It is believed that the spirit of mutual assistance and love shown in the face of this disaster will lead Luzhou Metz company to create new brilliance

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