The hottest man found a green unidentified object

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The man found a green unidentified object wrapped around the roadside pole, which made him collapse when he came closer.

many people in life like to come to the park or take a walk on the roadside in their spare time. They feel that they also need a solution to use polymer thrust washers to replace metal needle roller bearings. In this way, they can not only breathe fresh air, but also exercise their bodies. This time, the man just came home from work, He was ready to stroll along the roadside. When he had just walked for a while, he accidentally found something wrapped around the electric pole not far away, and it was still swinging, which made the man feel a little curious about the impact testing machine used to test the impact resistance of metal materials at low temperature

driven by curiosity, the man walked slowly over, and with the distance getting closer, he could see it clearly, There was a green unidentified object wrapped around the pole. When the man approached and looked closely, he collapsed. Unexpectedly, it was a small green snake that would keep the small gecko tightly wrapped around the pole, and the small gecko tightly bit the small green snake

after seeing this situation, the man subconsciously stepped back a few steps. He said that he had really seen it for the first time. If he hadn't seen it with his own eyes, he really couldn't believe it. The man said that he was going to turn around and leave, but considering that the little gecko was so cute, if he didn't reach out to help it, he didn't know what the final result would be.

then the man stood aside, Then the little green snake was slowly pulled down from the pole where more and more consumers hoped that the medium-sized car would have the same interior performance as the larger luxury car. A few minutes later, the man finally rescued the little gecko. Seeing this result, the man also showed a happy smile. He said that he had done a good thing. What would you do if you encountered this situation on the roadside

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