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Overview of the market development of barcode for commodity packaging III

for example, the standard unit code of commodity packaging in China is composed of 13 digits, referred to as EAN13 code for short: 69 it also needs to quickly integrate effective information 0m 1 m 2 m 3 m 4I 1 I 2 I 3 I 4 I 5 C in front of a large amount of complicated information and data, of which 690 is the country code, M 1 ~ m 4 is the manufacturer code, I 1 ~ I 5 is the commodity item code, and C is the verifier. Obviously, it is impossible to add the weight, quantity, price, quality, place name and other information of product packaging to such a bar code. The capacity of two-dimensional code is much larger than that of one-dimensional barcode, so it is very easy to store and transmit these information

because two-dimensional Beckman told Automotive engineering that the code has large information capacity and high reliability, it will become the mainstay of barcode in the application of data information, item identification, packaging logistics, etc., especially in small-area packaging items, carrying large-scale two-dimensional barcode has absolute advantages. In these occasions, the necessary information of the packaged goods does not need to be checked from the data (information) library, and the information it carries can be easily used by people, so as to realize the decentralization of the database, the simplification of the information system, the mutual connection between the systems becomes easier, the information transmission medium is as cheap and good as paper, and truly realize the consistency of goods and information

in addition, because the two-dimensional bar code saves space, it makes the bar code smaller under the condition of fully expressing information. For the packaging design of small packaged goods, it is generally called strength testing machine, tensile testing machine and universal testing machine, which also makes the packaging more prominent and charming

the two-dimensional bar code can not only express more data information, but also has the ability of error correction, adding passwords to improve confidentiality, and can pick up and read information in an all-round way. The application of the two-dimensional bar code has been favored by people from all walks of life. So far, it has been widely used in 70 countries and regions in the world. In particular, there are two points that should be pointed out. One is the problem of popularization, that is, everyone can use it freely. Consumers can easily check the information of bar codes to confirm the credibility of products and prevent fake and shoddy products, which can be achieved in the near future. The second is the maintenance of bar code. The identification system should pay attention to the symbols pasted on the bar code of articles, especially packaging containers, where they are damaged due to scratch or pollution. Generally speaking, the above stains and scars have no effect on the reading of information. Due to the repair function, the data can be restored, and it can still be read 100%, but the maximum damage degree cannot exceed 25%. Nevertheless, when importing the two-dimensional bar code into the recognition system, we still need to pay attention, especially for the searcher of the necessary data (information) library of symbol dualization

it can be seen from the above that the application scope of two-dimensional bar code is expanding rapidly, mainly in the following aspects:

(1) industrial manufacturing field

make a plan

Engineering Management

Quality Management

production management

file management

sales service, customer epsvs Paper cups and other household management

(2) commodity logistics field

commodity warehousing management

commodity tracking

commodity packaging, logistics transportation marks, etc.

(3) market circulation field

bill management and processing

various commodity securities, securities management

customer user management

(4) other fields

such as hospital management, household registration, citizen management, etc

application prospect of packaging bar code in China

the research and application of bar code technology in China started relatively late, and it began to be preliminarily applied in warehousing, post and telecommunications and other fields in the late 1980s

in April, 1991, China's article coding center officially joined the international article coding Association (in tern a tion a l ar tic Le n um B e r in g a ssoc ia tion) and used the international common article code (EAN). By the end of 2000, more than 60000 manufacturers in China have applied for the registration of manufacturer codes, and about 500000 products have adopted the international universal bar code mark (one-dimensional bar code)

China has gone through some detours in the application of bar codes for packaged goods. Before China joined the ean Association, some enterprises blindly joined other countries' bar code systems to use foreign bar code symbols in order to enter the foreign market, causing adverse effects. Nowadays, bar code has also received some attention in China, but these enterprises only apply bar code to packaged goods, and have not given full play to the advantages of bar code technology in inventory management and production control. In addition, the printing quality of bar codes and non-standard bar codes also make it difficult for scanners to read and decode, and even lead to foreign return claims

the promotion and application of two-dimensional bar code in foreign countries has attracted the attention of relevant departments in China. China has included PDF417 two-dimensional bar code in the key research and promotion projects of the ninth five year plan and the tenth five year plan, and has begun its preliminary application in automobile sales and service, and accounting certificates. It is reported that two-dimensional code technology has been used on the passports of Hong Kong residents since the handover of Hong Kong on July 1, 1997

in May 1997, the China National Bureau of technical supervision and the symbolcompany of the United States jointly signed a document to promote the application of PDF417 (portable database) two-dimensional bar code technology, which laid the foundation for the promotion of two-dimensional bar code. China has a large number of industries and developed markets, with 1.3 million state-owned commercial enterprises and more than 8 million commercial points, creating conditions for the promotion of two-dimensional bar codes, the development of POS systems, and the acceleration of EDI trade

pdf417 two-dimensional bar code is a bar code technology with large amount of information, high reliability, strong anti-counterfeiting and low cost. Our packaging workers and designers should take the lead in promoting and using it, make new contributions to the development of information society and China's economic construction, and make new contributions to the development of China's commodity packaging after China's entry into the WTO

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