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Overview of foreign tea bag packaging machines

ima group in Italy is a world-famous production group of automatic packaging machinery for drugs, tea, cosmetics and so on. Hong Kong Kemei Industry Co., Ltd. is the agent of the group in the Pacific region, responsible for the ordering, insertion, installation, commissioning, maintenance, training of operators and other businesses of IMA tea bag packaging machine

C21 tea bag packaging machine is an automatic cold sealing tea bag packaging machine developed by ima company in the 1970s. It sells well all over the world and has been introduced in China in recent years. The inner bag of the machine is a double bag filter paper bag, which is nailed with aluminum magnesium alloy wire, and the cotton thread and label are connected at the sealing place. The paper of the outer bag is extruded and cold sealed. It also has photoelectric mechanism positioning to ensure the consistency of trademark pattern position. The whole machine consists of 12 parts: bag making, central conveyor wheel, container metering, bag mouth folding, hanging label, nailing and sealing, outer envelope, bag collecting, box making and sealing, electrical control, safety protection and dust removal. The size of the tea filter bag and the outer packaging carton can be changed. The tea filter bag is generally 45 mm × 60 mm, the outer bag is divided into two specifications: paper bag, cold sealing and crimping, and the size is 72 mm × 63 mm, using cellophane or composite materials as heat sealing pressure port, mostly 77 mm × 66 mm。 C21 tea bag packaging machine can also only pack the inner bag, not the outer bag. Cartons are also available in different specifications, with or without covers, up to 36 packages, and up to I00 packages without outer envelopes, which are automatically arranged in several rows in the carton, with cardboard separated between each row. It can also be automatically wrapped into 10 bags with cellophane without cartons. The machine is equipped with a safety device. If the feeding of materials (inner bag filter paper, label, outer bag paper, cotton thread, metal wire, carton) and tea is abnormal or overloaded, it can stop automatically to ensure the safety of the equipment. The whole machine has an automatic lubrication function

the structure of C51 tea bag packaging machine is basically the same as that of C21 bag packaging machine, but it is simpler than C21. It has no outer envelopes, labels, stapling and other functional parts. The packaged tea bags have no outer bags, no labels, and only inner bags. The machine is equipped with two filter paper trays. When a layer of filter paper enters the lower end of the feeding port, the tea is unloaded in two rows, and falls on the filter paper with a two plate mold locking structure to reduce the weight of all mold locking parts by 30%. The other layer of filter paper covers it, and then four sides are heat sealed and cut. The specification of the inner bag is (110mm ~ 150 RAM) × (55 mm~120ram)。 The inner bag can be automatically loaded into three cartons of different specifications. The structure of the machine is relatively simple. At the same time, 2 bags can be packed in each action cycle. The packaging efficiency is very high, up to 2000 bags per minute. This machine packs tea bags with large capacity and is mainly suitable for teahouses and families. It is more popular in Britain, so it has introduced many

c55 tea bag packaging machine is a series of products developed on the basis of c2o and C21 bag packaging machines. It is also a tea bag packaging machine without an outer bag, but the difference from C51 machine is that it has a label and the inner bag is heat sealed on three sides. There are two specifications, S1 mm × 66 mm and 80 mm × 80 mm, the packaging dose can be adjusted in the range of 2.27 ~ 7.5 g, which meets the requirements of various varieties of leaves and users. The packaging rate is 450 bags/min. the tea bags packed by this machine are mainly used for family or collective drinking. This model has been imported in China

the tea bag packed by C25 packaging machine has no inner bag, which is not a tea bag packaging machine. Its packaging bag is heat sealed with paper, cellophane or composite materials on three sides. The packaging bag is large, and can pack 150 bags per minute, which can be considered to be used to pack city famous tea

ima company has developed a more advanced C23 tea bag packaging machine based on C21 machine in recent years. Its function is the same as that of C21, but the machine has better machining accuracy, higher packaging quality and faster packaging speed, up to 220 packages per minute. The whole machine is controlled by microcomputer and electronic display. However, the requirements for packaging materials are very high, and it is not suitable to introduce them at present

at present, the most imported tea bag packaging machine in China is the ec12b type developed by maisa company in Argentina. This machine is a full-automatic medium speed bag brewing and packaging machine, with a production rate of 120 Bags/min and a maximum capacity of 2 ~ 2.5 g/bag. The inner bag is mainly responsible for the research, development and production of three side heat sealing filter paper bags by our company's experimental machine. The paper for the outer bag is mechanically extruded and cold sealed, and the photoelectric mechanism is positioned to ensure the consistency of the position of the trademark pattern. The whole machine is composed of 9 components: main transmission box, label conveyor, inner bag heat sealing device, outer bag paper additional conveyor, outer bag registration device, outer bag packaging component, output device with counter, tea fixed shame feeder and base. It has the functions of quantitative filling, bag making and sealing, cotton thread sticking, label, outer bag envelope, automatic counting, etc. The electrical part is equipped with motor overload protection, automatic shutdown due to disconnection, automatic control of heat sealing temperature, photoelectric compensation for outer bag registration and automatic preselection grouping counting circuit for discharging, which further strengthens the safety and reliability of the whole machine. The machine also has self lubrication function. The specification of the tea bag cannot be adjusted. Inner pocket size is 62.5 mm × 50 mm, outer pocket size 70 mm × 65 mm。 The machine is not equipped with a cartoning mechanism. At the output end, the preselection group counting circuit is used to pre select and count arbitrarily within the range of 0 ~ 999 packets according to the user's needs, and then the skip packets are automatically grouped and counted by the machine, and the cartons are loaded manually

maisa also produces an ec12 tea bag packaging machine without an outer bag but with a cartoning mechanism. The upper part of the machine is completely consistent with ec12b tea bag packaging machine. Because it does not pack outer bags, the lower part of the machine cancels four parts: bag paper conveyor, outer bag registration device, outer bag packaging component and output component with counter, and replaces it with automatic cartoning mechanism. According to the needs of users, the cartoning mechanism can be preset according to 25 bags/box, 50 bags/box, 100 bags/box and other specifications

the tea bag packaging machine produced in Argentina has small and exquisite shape, high efficiency, relatively simple structure, low price and easy operation and maintenance. Judging from the sales momentum of Nanfeng Machinery Factory ccfd6 tea bag packaging machine in recent two years, this type of machine has a broad market and good development prospects. (end)

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