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Overview of gravure printing technology

talking about gravure printing, We seem to go back to the ancient times when hand engraving was used. Joepickard, chief economist of ISRI, said: "More rumors indicate that the ban may be more severe. Until the invention of chemical etching plate making process in the 16th century, so that the printing machine to plate making, gravure has been considered as an art form.

in 1875, the use of gelatin photosensitive materials made photographic plate making possible. Until 1930, the photographic concave printing process was only used in the publishing industry.

now, this technology is widely used in various fields, Print magazines, labels, gift packages, product catalogs, etc. It has become a mature printing process, which is widely used in long edition printing with fast speed and exquisite printing quality

development of gravure technology

process market share market share market share market share (%) in 1950`s (%) in 1970`s (%) in 1980`s (%) in 1990`s (%) in 2000`s gravure printing lithography flexographic printing letterpress printing 48666 version asphalt waterproof roll seam stripping performance material gb/t328.20 ⑵ 007 printing 11222 other 00124 since the 1970s, gravure printing has entered a trough, mainly due to flexographic competition, And environmental problems caused by solvent volatilization

due to the use of toluene in gravure printing, this has a great impact on the application of technology, but in the United States, this problem seems to be under control, because most American printers now use solvent recovery devices

types of gravure inks

in the field of gravure printing, you can find the fastest and widest printing machine in the whole printing world, with a speed of 3000 feet per minute

you can imagine that at such a speed, the ink must be instantly dried, so that the next color can be printed in time to avoid ghost phenomenon. This is why until today, almost only solvent based inks are used, mainly based on toluene

ink type concave ink flexographic ink flexographic ink non porous orifice plate solvent 95%68%8% UV 0%5%0% water 5%7%92%

the regional distribution of the gravure market has shrinkage resistance due to the shapes of stiffeners, holes, bosses and engraving

the regional distribution of gravure printing machines has some historical and democratic factors

in the North American and European markets, more and more flexographic printing is used. Relatively speaking, gravure is only used for long-term printing, that is, the publishing industry

in Asia, gravure printing is widely used in medium-sized applications, such as packaging

regional distribution

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